Winter on Lake Mendota

I can’t believe my hands are still here to type after shooting these images! When Sarah and I ventured up to Wisconsin for a little last minute trip (read more on our recap here) we had to take a walk over to Lake Mendota to try our best to take some outfit photos.

If only there was a fly on the wall when we were getting ready to head out. It would have been a hilarious site to see us layering up! While the temp said it was 1*, it actually felt like -8*. (Yes, we now know we were very silly for taking pictures out there) We were struggling to get on two pairs of pants, multiple tops from a tank top to a tee and sweater to not one jacket.. but two! Needless to say, it was worth it. 

Madison is situated right along Lake Mendota. It’s a beautiful little spot, especially during the summer. However, during the colder months, there’s lots of ice fishing and ice sailing along the lake. It was a gorgeous frozen ombre blue!

I originally had planned to wear black heels, as I refer to this all black look as my “Publicist Outfit.” It’s typical for us to wear all black in the industry especially when hosting events (for those who still don’t know, yet, I work full time as a Publicist), but really I just love an all black outfit from time to time. It was too cold to pull out the heels, so my Sorel boots stayed on instead. 

I picked up these high waisted jeans a few months ago from The Gap, and I couldn’t be happier with them. They fit really well and don’t get super stretched out as I wear them – it’s hard to find that now a days. Pick up your own pair here.  They run true to size!

The  turtleneck is from J.Crew Factory and is super cozy. Ive worn it a few times this season and am wishing I picked it up in another color. That’s how much I love it! I’m starting to learn, if you like something and it fits, why not buy it again?

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I am a little curvy at my hips so I don’t buy jeans unless they are mid or high-rise. A trick that I’ve learned, especially with high-rise, is to add a heel to instantly make your legs look miles long and your waist tiny! Even if it’s a two-inch heel, you’ll already be walking with better posture with out even realizing it. A woman who knows where she’s going and what she wants!


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  1. I love that you refer to the PR uniform as an all black look... it's so true! This is a great winter outfit, even on freezing cold days! I love how these photos turned out!!

    xo, Sarah