The Eye Cream You Need Now

Want to know something crazy? I’m not being sponsored to write this post, so that mean’s it’s really just that good! Until a few months ago, I was never using any sort of eye cream. Sure, I’ll use the occasional concealer for under my eyes, but never a cream to help with darkness or wrinkles. 

Girl, I’m telling you now, you need to get on this train no mater if your 25 or 45.

To be honest, I was pushing off any sort of eye cream, because I really didn’t think, as a 25-year-old woman, that I needed to be using an extensive amount of serums or lotions on my face. I quickly learned that SPF and moisturizer are super important no matter how old you are.

After attending an event last summer with bareMinerals, I received a few products to try. One being their amazing barePro Foundation which I’ve used almost ever since. I’ve even purchased my own bottle again! The next being the SkinLongevity Vital Power Eye Gel Cream. It comes in a little bottle, and I’m not even sure I’ve gotten half way through it, yet.

You simply take a dab of cream from the jar, like very small amount, on your ring finger. Then, I tap it on my other ring finger to get a bit on each hand. This is your weakest finger so you’ll do less pulling and stretching of the skin. It’s really important that you are gentle when putting any eye cream on. The tissue under your eye is very delicate, so it’s only right that you use a light touch.

A trick I learned from a facial class I took at Credo Beauty is that once you have the cream on your ring finger, gently circle around your eyes starting below the eye moving above the eyebrow 10 times one way and then 10 times back the opposite direction. This will help get the blood flowing around your eyes and helps prevent dark coloration.

Made with Long Life herb, it helps to improve skin's resiliency and suppleness. The California poppy's antioxidants help defend against environmental stressors - a major for living in a big city like Chicago. Other major points that always sell me on products is when they're dermatologist and ophthalmologist test, non-irritating, non comedogenic and safe for anyone wearing contacts.All apply here!

Something major that I really love about this cream is that it’s very light. It’s not so light and oily like serum, but a great mix between a serum and cream. It's also fragrance free. Unless it’s a full body lotion, I prefer not to use anything scented on my skin because it’s quite sensitive. 

As you can tell, I can go on and on about this eye cream. I highly recommend giving it a try! 


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  1. I religiously use my eye cream, it's so important to use!! I really like this eye cream, it's a great one!

    xo, Sarah