Change is Good

Until this past summer, I hated when people told me “change is good.” Hated it. Imagine my eye roll so insane that my eyeballs are basically popping out of my head. It came at a point when I didn’t know I needed that much change until someone unexpected in each area of my life said those exact words to me at different times.

My mom and dad.
My boss.
My best friend.
My cousin.
My mentor.
My man friend (at the time lol)

I actually remember sitting on the side of my bathtub in my studio (it was a very small bathroom and the only place to sit haha) sobbing crying after getting off the phone with my mom, like can’t catch my breath flood of tears, about 5 days before moving apartments. I was pretty steadily seeing someone and super excited to go to a new apartment with new roommates. But, as quickly as that started, it also ended.

Next thing I know, I’m in my crowded studio with boxes stacked high, no more fella and afraid to move in to a new neighborhood – hence the crying J But a few days later was my 25th birthday (and also moving day). I had two best friends and my brother go out of their way to help me pack my apartment up late one night, so I didn't need to miss work, and my awesome cousin let me crash at her place overnight. I thought, how lucky am I to have such great friends and family who will do this with/for me?

I knew from that point, that 25 wasn’t just going to be good but the fresh change that I needed.

I’ve actually been holding on to publishing this post because I still had one area of my life that needed to change to be not just in a good place, but a great place. My career.

For the three years, I’ve been working at a public relations agency in Chicago. I remember applying for jobs out of college and knowing that it was my dream job to get in to the agency. I attended all the blogging events they hosted just to make time to network with their team. It paid off in the end, and I couldn’t be more thankful for the amazing experiences, awesome clients and meaningful mentorship I received.*cue the tears*

Over the last few months of all the changes happening, I knew that this area somehow needed to change as well. I felt different and never really figured out the core of what was throwing me off until I talked to a previous supervisor/boss over coffee. I realized I was feeling really lost and needed to be challenged in new ways. I think that’s what they call the acceptance stage? Haha

After a long discussion both internally and physically, I’ll be moving on in the next few days. Literally moving. I accepted a new job in Madison, Wisconsin (hence the obvious red sweatshirt 😜). What's funny is, all of this actually happened after my visit with Sarah. God works in crazy ways, I tell ya. I actually had someone call me about the job on a whim and was interested to learn more but knew there was no way that I would be leaving Chicago. It all happened so fast that I was so surprised, confused, excited, freaked out. And then, I read something...

"So you feel nervous. And maybe a little (but really a lot) scared.
Excellent. You care."

While I'm feeling all the emotions, I know that this is going to be such a great change. I'm totally new to Madison, but super excited to get started and exploring. It’s a weird transition to leave the people I’ve grown so close to and friendships I’ve built in such a short time. But, in the end, I needed to look out for me and what was best for my future.

I've held off quite some time before officially "announcing" anything because I wanted some time to adjust. I also didn't really want to go through all the questions of - Are you excited? Where are you going? What are you doing? Where are you living? Do you know anyone? - over and over and over again. Although I have a blog, I don't take attention well so this is certainly one of those times. I know, I know, Madison is so close to Chicago, and I'm really happy about that. But change is change and always require a little readjusting 😊

Off I go!


P.S. Do you live in Madison or have friends in the area? I'd love to meet them! Oh, and I'm also looking for a blog photographer... so hit me up!


  1. So so proud of you for embracing this big change with such an open heart! Good things are coming your way, I just know it :) Can't wait to visit for all the cheese, beer, and football!!! Yay Katie :)

  2. This post gives me so many feelings too!! I know you will thrive in Madison and kick ass in your new job, explore the city and make tons of friends!! This is a great move for you and I'll be visiting before you know it! :) Love ya girlfriend!!

    xo, Sarah

  3. Change is so hard! While I know that God is always working for my best I don't understand and I don't like it! I feel like God has recently just flipped my life and wiped it clean. SO MUCH CHANGE! and I am incredibly uncomfortable. But I am trying to look on the bright side and find the good in all the things.

  4. I’m so excited for you Katie!! These times and these choices so often end up being some of the best times in our lives and I know you will thrive and make tons of friends! I’ll miss you and you better let me know when you come home to visit!! Xo