A Very Valentine's Day Pajama Set

Someone stop the clock! I can’t get over the fact we’re already in February. Shoot, girl, where has 2018 gone? The one thing that always comes to mind at the top of the month is Valentine’s Day (Ugh, it’s a love-hate relationship). Since you all had such a positive response to the loungewear post I did last year, I thought I’d share another pajama set I’ve loved lately and is super timely for the holiday.

As mentioned in a few previous posts, I’m really not a V-Day gal. No, thank you! I mean, I’m not opposed to flowers and chocolate, it’s just a weird thing when you’re in the first date phase with guys, ya know?

Anyways, we’ll take a break from my dating life and talk about these cozy silk pajamas instead. It’s much more fun, right?

Ok, wait – I just had a great idea. Would you guys like to hear a series of dating stories? I have at least have five great ones I can think of at the moment. Now my mind is turning! Seriously, comment below, and let me know.

Back to what I originally came on here to talk about: the silk pajama set!

Ya’ll know I’m a loyal Old Navy-ist… so much so that I should really get the credit card. Naturally, before heading up to Madison, I headed over to shop their loungewear because every girl needs new PJs for her girl’s trip!

Since I’m trying to go a little more outside my box color wise, I picked up this set in red. My first thought was navy blue, but I knew this color would be perfect for the hotel we were staying at and for Valentine’s Day. Majority of the time, I end up heading to sleep in a cute pair of lounge pants or shorts and random tee. Let’s be honest, those adorable little tanks and see through ribbed knits don’t cut it for a girl who has a little somethin’ something’ up top! If I was living by myself, that might be a different story, but I’d rather spare my two roommies 😂

That’s why I loved matching sets. Typically, the tops are thick enough to be totally reasonable to wear sans bralette and aren’t too hot. In the dead of winter I’ll be wearing flannel, but that just won’t due in the summer heat. The long sleeve-short set was perfect for our trip. It’s the best of both words!

Do you wear actual pajamas to bed? Or are you the kind of girl to grab an old pair of shorts, maybe your man’s basketball shorts, and a t-shirt? I love me some loungewear, so you know what I’ll be sleeping in!


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  1. Very cute PJ's and YES, let's hear some first date stories!!!

    xo, Sarah