The Day I Met Katy Perry

You may have noticed things were pretty quiet around here. To be real with you all, I’m still in a pretty big slump. From life to work to dating, I haven’t been feeling motivated or inspired much these days and am really uninterested in starting at a screen come the end of the day. However, that changed a bit a few weeks ago when I met Katy Perry.

Yes, I can’t believe I just typed that on my little old MacBook. I also very much get that this is considered bragging, and I’m sorry I’m not sorry, but I’m getting to a point. My friends and family know I’ve been obsessed with Katy Perry for years now, so that fact that we got to hug it out and chat for a hot minute made my year.

This opportunity came through a friend as part of an exclusive influencer event. It wasn’t until her team came up to get us that I started getting really nervous. We were taken to a fun room filled with exciting décor, sweets and a photo booth. So many delicious treats from the 90s! She came in to meet with us and chat with everyone individually. Still a surreal moment. Then, we headed up to our seats to watch her perform.

After the concert my friend Meghan and I were on such a high. I thought – how could I be this excited more often? What are those things that make me giddy to get up in the morning? How can I be more motivated to finish my work, heck, start my work? How do I bring back those creative blog juices? What keeps me talking until weeks later just to relive a special moment?

I don’t exactly have those answers at the moment, but know that I liked fun it felt on that Tuesday night post-concert. The next day, I was headed to California to for a little vacation. The entire time I was there I think I took a total of three photos. For a blogger, that’s insanely irregular. But, for a human… it felt SO good to not worry about posting and actually just visit with my bestie. I can’t tell you how good that felt. So, what I can say is that,

the day I met Katy Perry is the day I learned I need to do more for myself and that only I have the capacity to make that change.

Not the things that I think people want to see me do, but those things that will make me feel healthy, happy, excited, lively and just plain good! Maybe that means staying in all weekend long and not feeling bad about it, spending Sunday morning at church followed by a singles only breakfast or buying those awesome concert tickets even if it means spending a little more. Heck, maybe even taking that random vacation day to just be at home blasting music and not do laundry for once. It’s the little things, ya’ll. But, no one has the power do physically do those things or take those chances but me, myself and I.

While Katy Perry isn’t exactly a “little thing” in this situation, it was still pretty damn cool and made me think about my everyday life as of late. Between the awful news on television these days, I can’t help but be thankful for where I am and hopeful for where I want to get to be both physically and mentally.

Ya know, there are still some positive celebrities out there that are pretty killer humans! Katy Perry just happens to be my favorite. Oh, and obviously you must listen to her newest album, Witness.

Well, I guess this is the end of my little rant. It’s a smidge all over the place, but I appreciate you for still following and giving this vent session a chance. Sometimes a girl needs a break and in turn, you get my thoughts blurted out on a page. Thank goodness for four hour plane rides to let me jot it all down. I’ve even got three other drafts going for those future posts 😊 Looks like I need to take another trip soon!



  1. I still can't believe you got to meet Katy Perry, I know how much you love her!! That's SOOO cool!! And it's so great to hear that she was nice and met everyone!! Hopefully you've got al those creative juices following again!

    xo, Sarah

  2. I’m so glad you were able to go! When I got that invite, I was so sad to miss it. I can’t help but feel the same way about blogging. I feel so much happier living in the moment and not worrying about documenting every moment, or staying up late just to “get something out” on the blog. I’ve lost a lot of followers and traffic, but at the end of the day I’m happier and that is what is most important! I hope you are able to find the balance that is right for you!!