Help, I'm in a Rut

I'm in a rut.

I was going to come on here and tell you allll about my super cute corduroy jumper I've been wearing this season, but instead, knew that I literally didn't know what else to say about it. I could talk about the weather for days and how to style the look, but I'm not a meteorologist, and nine out of ten times I like to actually add a little more depth to my posts, ya know?

We all have our ups and downs and ins and outs, but I can't seem to get out of whatever hole I'm currently in. Unfortunately, it's translating to a few areas of my life, but let's try and focus on one lane first 😊

Every week, I do a lot of research and reading up on the latest trends personally and professionally. This includes trends in fashion, beauty, marketing/advertising, social media and also simply reading up on what my other blogger friends are working on. I look to those places as not just a source of informative tools but also for blog inspiration. There has to be at least one post a week telling me how I can get motivation in 5 steps or goodness knows the other headlines that pop-up. Seriously, just Google "how to get out of a rut." From Forbes to Inc and The Everygirl, you'd be surprised at all of the "rut" specialists out there 😂

You guys, I'm actually sitting here rolling my eyes. Between what I see on Instagram and on the internet sometimes..things are totally questionable. Is this just me? Please tell me I'm not the only one. What's the deal ya'll?

I pride myself in being a very organized person. That includes making my bed every morning (well, most mornings), taking the same route to and from work and creating my weekly color coded client categorized to-do list. Yet, for some reason my blogging life seems to be wild.

That's right. A wee bit out of control these days. I'm talking wild in the terms of: I have no idea what to write next and it just seems I can't keep up, yet I have more time than ever to really work on these things. The last time I used an editorial calendar over here? Years ago.

Now, I don't exactly know what my purpose of this post was, other than to give you all an update. I'm only human on the other side of the social media obsessed world we live in. I want you to know that I am working on fixing this wild rut and getting myself into an organized routine. As much as I feel like I'm totally out of a groove, I do have some fun post ideas I'd love to get started on. It's just a matter of getting that motivation back and doing it much sooner rather than later.

So, while I may roll my eyes at those silly "how to" articles, I would really LOVE to hear from you with some sound advice. Especially my blogging pals - how do you do it?!

Send some positive vibes and realistic rut-free ideas my way, please 😘



  1. GIRLLLLLL, I feel you. It's so hard to keep up with a social media persona when you're dealing with shit in real life. I definitely struggle with this always. It's hard to crawl back out of a rut, but I always have with the help from my girlfriends (let's facetime, okay?). My friends always keep me positive and motivated and inspire me to be better (that's including you!). So if you're needing a brainstorm sesh or just a coffee facetime date, you have my digits (I've always wanted to say "my digits" bahahaha). Love you, miss you and I need to visit soon.

    You'll crawl out of your rut soon enough. I think life is pretty cyclical and after every tough time comes a great time. Your great time is soon.

    1. SO happy we had the chance to FaceTime! Appreciate you and our friendship even many miles apart :) In a way, it's good to know I'm not the only one who's trying to figure this stuff all out - even when the ideas just aren't flowin! Fingers crossed for a great time so so soon.

  2. Oh lord, I totally understand where you are today. I've been there sooo many times regarding the blogging world! For me, creativity comes in waves --- there are times when I have so many ideas and I can sit down and let the idea flow for hours. Then there are weeks where I can't think of anything or create a single good post. It's so hard!! Sometimes it really helps me to disconnect and to find my creativity and motivation again! You will get out of this run and conquerthe world! :)

    xo, Sarah

    1. It's been seriously the worst lately. Things with social media in general are making this little corner of the internet harder and harder to grow! Happy to throw in a little down time and just enjoy the moments outside of the blog. Hoping it will help spur some creativity too :)