What's in My Work Tote

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Are you ever just dying to know what’s in someone’s bag? Maybe it’s just me? Whenever I’m commuting to and from work, I see ladies with the cutest tote bags. Some larger than others and I usually question, “holy crap girl, do you have your entire house in that thing?” and the others, “Sooo you carry a pencil with you to work and that’s it?”

One of my most popular posts was done almost two years ago, where I talked all about what I carry with me from day-to-day. I actually keep quite a lot of it very similar, but this time I’m taking you through my work tote and how I keep it together during the week. Currently, I’ve been using the new Iconic Vera Tote by Vera Bradley. You guys - there are so. many. pockets. There isn’t a specific laptop spot, but the other pockets, both on the inside and outside, are worth it to me for the organization of each and every item. Speaking of the items, should we get to it?


We all need a little party in our purse, am I right? Since my tote bag is solid black, I thought it would be fun to toss in a the Packed Party confetti pouch as my makeup case. I carry the bare minimum of make up essentials in here to help clean up a little bit, especially if I have an event to attend after work. My basics include concealer, blush, mascara and lipstick. One of my favorites right now is the Onomie A.C.E. Illuminating Eye Treatment. It's a lightweight highlighter and is a great start to my makeup routine when I'm on the go. I just started carrying Sweat Cosmetics Skin-Balancing Cleansing Wipes too! They are perfect to help clean up after a workout, while traveling or even just remove some of that pesky makeup (you know, that under eye mascara!).


As you may have recently read, I’ve been all about adding MiO Water Enhancer to my daily H2O intake. Adding a little extra flavor helps major when trying to get my work done throughout the day. Not to mention, this tiny bottle (lemon is my favorite!) is perfect for carrying in my large tote but storing in a smaller pocket. No one wants to carry an extra flavored water! I’m also crazy and like to make sure that I have my water bottle on hand if I’m planning to work an event after a long day. There’s nothing worse than not having the opportunity to grab water when things get hectic so MiO is essentially my pocket sized lifesaver :)


I received this cutie business card holder as a graduation gift from a friend. I love it! My company recently rebranded, so it makes me even more excited to carry my new business cards around with me. I’ve shared them with family, friends and of course, at business meetings. I’m always stocked up, and they’re easily accessible.


In the past, I’ve had issues with my rubber water bottles getting moldy on the mouth piece. So icky! When I finally got the chance to try a Corkcircle bottle, I was in! I was also reading about all the ways to disinfect a reusable water bottle, so I make sure to do that fairly often since I can’t put this guy in my dishwasher. It also keeps my water super cold, which I love when adding MiO to it!


I actually don’t carry my laptop with me everyday. My company provides a laptop, but I have a personal one at home that I typically log into if I need to hop on after hours. However, a notebook is a staple I always have with me. I keep it small and compact because I will only write a few things here and there, but regardless, it’s nice to have when needed.


I carry this everywhere, obviously! I love that it’s small and leather. I used to have a larger wallet, but I really don’t need it. I only carry the necessities in here unless I’m planning a trip or have a special occasion to attend. If you’re looking for a smaller wallet, I highly suggest purchasing this leather one from Vera Bradley - it’s now under $25!


Many of the items above include the major pieces I carry. I do have several other little accessories like my sunglasses, chapstick, phone, headphones, etc… These vary from time to time, but are still packed away in the tote.

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