A Summer of Nespresso on Ice

One of my guilty habits since starting in the work world (which has been quite some time now..) has been purchasing coffee on my way in to the office. If you're still wondering if I work full time, ugh heck yes! Anyways, I'm slowly trying to break myself out of this expensive (yet, inexpensive) habit while not totally sacrificing my love for a good cup of jo.

About a year ago, I tried out a Nespresso (c/o) for the first time. Ya'll...I'm hooked! It's taken me ages to finally figure out how to make a good cup in the morning let alone an iced latte to beat the 85+ degree summer heat! When I recently heard that Nespresso came out with their pods specifically for iced coffee, I knew I had to give it a whirl.

To be 100% transparent, yes, they generously gifted me these pods, but I was in no way obligated to do a post. I really do just love it!

Making an iced coffee is actually quite simple. The main trick I learned is to water down the espresso a bit. Maybe it's just me, but it doesn't always taste the best when its super strong. My Nespresso is the Prodigio with Milk and has three settings for making your espresso. I usually pop in my pop, press the medium button and let is run through. Then, I once that runs through, I leave my cup as is and press the medium button again to run just water.

Because I like mine sweetened, I add a teaspoon of sugar and mix in to the hot espresso. This helps the sugar dissolve a bit better. I really have been wanting to get a vanilla sweetener though - that would be so yummy! Then, I pour over my glass of ice. After that, you simply pick your choice of milk and and pour it on top. Just like that you have a nice iced latte to enjoy on the couch or on the go (which is basically what I am doing most mornings haha).

You totally have to try out these iced pods! It's worth it, I promise :)


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  1. Wow. Seeing the photos, it looks wonderful and I hope that I will be able to prepare it myself.