My New Favorite Natural Hair Products

This might be TMI, but I struggle on the daily to have my hair smell good. I know, super weird thing.. but when you have long and thick hair like me - it's super important that I keep it looking and smelling fab all day long. Remember when you were a kid and used the cute L'Oreal Kids Shampoo? Ugh. Those were so yummy smelling, and I basically want that but in an adult version :)

I've been trying to test out new shampoos, conditioners or masks to see what works and really target what might be causing any off notes. Now, don't think my hair smells nasty (because it doesn't), but I think it's a mix of the products I use in my hair and the heat from my curling iron or straightener.

I recently found out about SkinStore that offers so many premium beauty brands. When they sent me a little box of goodies, the Blossom & Bloom Ginseng & Biotin Volumizing shampoo and conditioner from Briogeo were in there.

Now, before I continue on, you should also know I've been trying to steer clear of shampoo/conditioners with sulfate, silicone and paraben to help with some acne spots along my hair line. After doing some research, they actually have a whole page on their website dedicated to "6-Free Hair Care" explaining more about their all natural products.

My overall thoughts? So good! My hair is smelling better (still have a little to go) and it's so soft! I didn't even use conditioner, and I straightened it this morning. If that's not a good sign, I don't know what is. I even made my roommate feel it to prove I wasn't going crazy haha

You can bet I'm going to be living on the SkinStore sight. Especially knowing they have some of our favorite make up brands like Anastasia, Dermalogica, Klorane, Laura Geller and so many more.... I'm never leaving! 😆

Have you ever check on Briogeo or SkinStore? Would love to know what your favorite beauty buys are!


Image via Briogeo Instagram

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  1. I've recently found SkinStore too and love it!! So many good brands and choices! I'm not familiar with any of these products but will have to check them out! Good review!

    xo, Sarah