Your Best Faux Floral Arrangement Yet

This post was sponsored by Pier 1. However, all thoughts, jokes and opinions are my own J Thanks for stopping by and keeping the Little Black Blog up and running!

Living in a studio, I don’t have the chance to liven up my space much. When I do, I have to get creative with how I can use every ounce of an empty area. As I’m getting prepped to move in to my new apartment (with 2 roomies this time!), I’ve been searching high and low for easy, fun and affordable d├ęcor ideas that will carry over to my new space.

First on my list – adding some pretty florals and greenery. I tried my darn-est to do the whole succulent thing and guess what happened? The little guys still died even when it required zero attention. So, for I decided to go on a hunt for artificial flowers, stems and sprays from the Pier 1 flower shop to create what I’m calling my best faux floral arrangement yet. Let me tell you, they had so much to choose from! Make sure to check out their amazing selection here for your own arrangement.


Fresh or Faux Flowers
Kitchen Bowl or Vase (I used a cute marble bowl from Pier 1)
Clear tape, washi tape or floral tape



Grab your bowl or vase and start by taping a grid at the top. This criss-cross pattern will act as your guide to putting flowers in your vase. Once you have your grid, make sure to add your water (if you are using real flowers) before starting on the flower arrangement.


Starting with your largest flowers (ie. Hydrangeas, lilies), trim and place in your grid. Always cut off less at first so that you can continue to play around with the length if it’s too long. Continue filling each section of your grid with your main flowers until full.


Next, fill the remaining areas with your other smaller flowers. To make sure not to overdo it in one section or another, space them out in every other or every two grid spaces. Top off with a few of your other decorative pieces and sprays.

Thank you’re ready to tackle your arrangement? Head on over to Pier 1  now to do some shopping and have all the materials sent straight to your door. I can’t wait to see how it turns out!

Shop My Arrangement on Pier 1:




  1. Looks great Katie!! The flowers look so real and a great way to add some color into your apartment! (and now you don't have to worry about keeping them alive! ha)

    xo, Sarah

  2. Such lovely flowers and such beautiful real talk about them.

    Inez | My Small World