Summer Kick Off on The Odyssey

How much did everyone love the 3 day weekend? Not going to lie guys, last week was absolutely awful. Essentially everything that could be off in all areas of my life was off and running... and I wasn't able to catch it 👎 Without getting in to the nitty gritty, let's just keep it simple and say I couldn't have been more thankful for the mini break. Now, let's hope this weather continues to cooperate like it did on Saturday for the See Sparks Fly cruise on The Odyssey!

It was a perfect evening to head out on the lake and watch the fireworks from Navy Pier. If you've never done a dinner cruise with Entertainment Cruises, I can't suggest it more! It's the perfect way to get a group together to celebrate this season. In the spirit of happy thoughts, I'm sharing a few things I'm looking forward to for the remainder of the week.

Tomorrow/Thursday is moving day! I'm excited to move in with two of my gal pals from high school. It really couldn't come at a more perfect time. We've already been chatting about all the fun things we want to do this summer. If you have suggestions for the Bucktown/Wicker Park area of places that I must explore right away, send them my way! 

Thursday just so happens to be my birthday, too! Like I said, last week was the pits, so getting a chance to make a really fresh start come June 1 couldn't feel better. 25... I'm coming for ya! celebrated with my family over the long weekend and then, this weekend, I'm getting together with friends for a little brunch. Should be fun!

Can we talk about Sarah's gorgeous engagement ring for a minute?

Do any of you read your horoscope? I've been really into Astrology Zone by Susan Miller. Unfortunately, you only get it month-by-month (unless you want to pay), but it's sometimes freaky accurate. Although, it said I was going to have an amazing day on May 25th and I'm still waiting for the magic vibes. On the plus side, Well + Good says I should plan a trip to Mexico since I'm a Gemini. Hey, I'll take it!

Ya'll, I did some more damage at Old Navy last week. I'm excited to be working with them for the summer months to bring you some cute outfit posts, but once I walk in the store - there is no going back! I linked all of the items in the slide below, but you totally have to check out their summer Havana Prep collection. BTW, these new jeans are amazing (and under $40!). They might be the comfiest pair of pants I own!

LOL at my solid sun burn. Starting out summer strong

Shop My Look: Dress (under $60) | Heels | Bracelet

What does everyone have planned for the short week?



  1. This is a new week and big week!! I'm glad that we got to spend the evening together on the boat, it was a night to remember! I'm hoping the move goes well tonight! And love this red dress, you look beautiful girl!! :)

    xo, Sarah

  2. Girl that red is killer on you!! Such good photos!