Let's Chat Vol. 4

What a weekend, am I right? Ya'll I'm just trying to keep up over here! Having beautiful weather in the city made me want the weekend to never end. Something about that sunshine just makes everyone so darn happy. So, let's make more sunshine, friends! Anyways, I've rounded up a couple of the exciting things that have been happening in my life the past few weeks and especially this past weekend. Read on to get all the deets on my new fitness partnership and a free yoga event with the same brand this Friday at the Museum of Contemporary Art.
  • This weekend, my dear friend Kaylee visited! What's crazy is we actually met for the first time about a year ago when I was doing an event with Vera Bradley. We've become great friends even miles apart. I'm so happy we had a chance to explore the city together, and I could show her around my neighborhood.
  • I just bought a new camera last week *cue exciting shreek* and boy have I just been killing to use it. Major props to Kelly and Jess for their amazing advice with all of my camera questions. They are seriously a wealth of information, and I've already learned so much just from a little back and forth about picking out the camera. I'm even more excited to start using it - hit a sister up if you need any pictures taken :)
  • Did you catch my recent Instagram post about my newest brand partnership? I'm so excited to work with Equinox for a variety of new wellness posts. Do you have anything you like reading about in the fitness realm? Would love your suggestions more than you know! Equinox also just launched the HeadStrong™ Meditation Podcasts. I'm helping them celebrate with a special Meditation and silent Yoga experience at the Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago, guided by Equinox master instructor Michael Gervais on Friday. Would love for you to join me! Sign up for the free event here.
  • I'm already starting to think about where I can travel to this summer. One of my favorite things to do is to take a weekend away in Michigan. There are so many small towns that are perfect for going to the beach, doing some shopping and grabbing all the delicious food and fudge. If you're in the Midwest and looking for a little escape, definitely check out Pure Michigan!
How was everyone's weekend? Fill me in!


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