The Best Bubble Bath Ever

Does anyone else love to treat themselves to a relaxing bath? From time to time, I love to indulge and just kick back with all the bubbles - in my bath and in my wine glass 😉 There is nothing better than a little me time to de-stress and reset the mind for what's next on my agenda. I actually recently read an article on Travel & Leisure that taking a hot bath burns as many calories as a 30 minute walk. Yes, you read that right. Now go get your bath on to burn those 130 cals!

I've put together a little bath time guide with five steps to your most pampered experience ever. I know once I get in the bubbles, I like to have all the essentials right by me. I recently picked up this bathtub caddy from Umbra and am so happy I have it! It's the perfect little accessories... but more on that below 😊

Also, please excuse my "vintage" bathtub. I do live in an old apartment in Lakeview after all!


I picked up this awesome walnut bath caddy from Umbra. I actually didn't have anything like it before, and it's been perfect for holding all my items while in the bath. Typically, I like to read a book or magazine, so it's great that I finally have somewhere to rest my items. This one even has room for your glass of wine and soap (in my case, flowers!). I walked in to World Market recently and grabbed this cute bath mat. Any little reminder about how fabulous I am is always welcome!


Now the fun part! I usually do my grocery shopping at Trader Joe's and happened to stop in their lifestyle aisle. I love anything grapefruit, so when I saw this citrus body wash, I was immediately sold. It smells delicious and has the perfect amount of fruity hints. It also made for some soft and silky bubbles! If you're looking for a scent to use before bed or as stress relief, try lavender. The calming effects are perfect for winding you down a bit.


How perfect was this Relax Riesling? Thanks to my friends at Drizly, I was able to order my wine to be delivered to my door. Yes... delivered to my door! All you have to do is sign up and input your delivery zip code. Drizly sources their product based on the beverage stores around you - so what you see online is what is available near you. Pretty cool, huh? If you're interested in trying it out, simply sign up here to get $5 off!

This service is especially useful outside of bath time for those last minute hostess gifts, a Monday wine night watching The Bachelor/Bachelorette or just for your summer Saturday afternoon on the patio! Seriously guys, you have no choice but to sign up :)


Friend, it's finally time to relax. Kick up your heels, turn on that music and grab your book. You've done all the work, and now you deserve to chill out for a bit. This is also a great time to put on that face mask you've been wanting to try, too! We won't judge you if you doze off hehe


There is no better feeling than being all zen and warm and getting in to your robe after a hot bath. Don't forget to moisturize, too! If you're like me, I take wayyy too hot of a bath so I know my skin is going to dry out later on. The last step (and my favorite) is to get your booty on into bed and cozied up! Turn on a chick flick and maybe even fill up your glass of wine for a second (or third) round.

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Tonights agenda? This bubbly bath alll over again.



  1. LOVE this post Katie! Makes me wish I had a bath tub so badly in my apartment! I miss this ritual...


    Ashley || Sed Bona

    1. Ah thanks Ashley! Hoping the next apartment I move in to has a nice one, too.

      PS I just went through the spam folder on the back end, and for some reason a few of your comments were in there. So sorry about that! Everything should be fixed now :)

  2. This looks like the perfect cozy night in!! Your bathroom set up is great too, I bet the little tray makes taking a bath so much better! :)

    xo, Sarah

    1. Ah, it's simply the best! A tight squeeze in the bathroom, but nothing a glass of wine and Lush bath bomb can't fix!

  3. Your bathroom is so cute - even with the vintage feel. I know it well!

    Sincerely, Jennie

    1. Haha right? Have to love the charm of Lakeview/Lincoln Park!

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