My Favorite Spot in Chicago

Believe it or not, but I'm currently writing this as I sit looking at this gorgeous view of Chicago (ok, ok... so I did write this a few days ago). What's even more special is there is a sweet golden retriever who looks exactly like our family dog Lucy who passed in October, and I can't help but feel like she's sitting here with me. Just right behind me watching over my shoulder 😇  *cue slobbery cry fest*

Come the end of May, my lease will be up, and I'm moving out of my little studio. I'll still be in Chicago, but this time I get to live with two awesome friends from high school in Wicker Park/Bucktown. Currently, I live in Lakeview and before that, Lincoln Park.

Ever since living alone, this spot has become my little retreat. 

It's an area that I've only brought my parents and a few of my best friends, where I've spent countless hours over thinking all my small problems in comparison to our world right now and of course, catching some rays and taking in the gorgeous view. While it's 110% a public space, I still feel like it's my own little gem.

I think what scares me most about moving out of my little bubble, is that everything will be so new. Having a new place, new roommates (but old friends!), new location, new favorite spots, new running paths, etc. while it's so exciting at the same time, what will be hardest is truly braking out of what is comfortable. I know it can be done! I mean I did it to live on my studio, but can't help but worry a little, ya know? The good news is, I'm not moving far AT ALL. So maybe I'm just being dramatic, but then let me do so for a hot second.

To keep it light hearted, I will say this spot is great for fella watching. Lots of cute young men have jogged by while writing this! Do you think they would notice if I just started running behind them?! 😂

In general, it's kind of crazy think how comfortable I've become in the city. I guess "crazy" isn't the right word, but I have made this place my home in what feels like a short amount of time. My family is only a short car/train ride away in the suburbs, but it's a good amount of space to let me do my own thing. I've been able to hang out with my cousins for drinks, dinner, birthday events, cubs games and so much more. All my cousins actually live in Lincoln Park and Lakeview right now, so while I'll still be in the city, it's been nice to be so close!

I know I'll be back to this spot, and hopefully a lot! From bringing new friends and family to just taking a moment to getaway...

I'll be back to visit ya, ya little gem.



  1. I'll visit this spot with you ��

  2. This is a great spot to sit and reflect! Especially as it warms up! You can still go there all the time, it's just off the North Ave bus! :) I'm excited for you to move and see a new part of the city (and be closer to me!)

    xo, Sarah

    1. Ah, I know it's somewhat close, but won't be such an easy walk. More of a train, bus, plane ride away!