Let's Chat Vol. 3

What a week it's been! Another classic few days of planning to do a whole group of posts and welp, this is what you get friends. To be totally honest, I actually kind of link doing these "Let's Chat" posts with you all. It's always fun to fill you in on the real life things I've been up to (that's a plus) and you seem to read them (that's a major plus).

Let's get on to the new news, shall we? I saw this adorable building and knew it had to be posted on the blog. It seems as though I've been in a soft pink vibe lately. From the criss cross sweater to the embroidered jeans and leather jacket, I guess I'm just ready for spring with light and bright colors!

  • I was so happy with the response you guys shared on my outfit post from earlier this week. It was definitely one of those outfits that I liked but didn't love. Funny how those always turn out to be some of the best! Check it out to get more bodysuit inspo :)
  • Kaylee (my sweet friend behind Pleats & Pearls) and I finally decided on a date to have her visit Chicago! We'll be having a weekend of fun come May and I'm already thinking about all the fun places to go and things to do.
  • How cute is this top that Caitlin of Public Lives, Secret Recipes is sporting over on her blog? I would never have guessed it was a lounge tee! Definitely needing to add the pajama trend into my wardrobe haha
  • A new store in Charleston, The Skinny Dip, opened this week and I can't stop browsing their Instagram and shop page. It's so stinking cute. Now, who wants to take a trip with me to SC?
  • Did I mention I went to Nashville last week? I'm hoping to share a little more about that adventure next week, so stay tuned!
  • In the blog post that I planned to finish earlier this week, I was going to share that I confirmed a partnership with a major athletic club/brand! I'm so excited to start building some more health and wellness content over here and have you join me along the ride. Don't worry, I'm not going to get all crazy fitness over here... because let's be real, I love me sweets and sleep! However, if you want to see more fitness moves or things of that nature then your wish is my command.
  • Did you know that take a hot bath burns as many calories as a 30 minute walk? How crazy is that?! I've been seeing this statistic all over the place and had to share this article on Real Simple.
What have you all been up to this week? Any fun stories to share?


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