Spring Styles

I can't even begin to tell you how absolutely amazing the weather was in Chicago this weekend. I mean, I'm sure you saw my several Instagram posts (along with everyone else in the city), but I'm really digging these spring vibes! Right before my trip to Florida I picked up this adorable carry on travel tote from Vera Bradley. Their spring campaign has me wishing I was taking a trip to Havana in the near future!

Until that trip, I never had a carry-on bag like this. It's super room-y and even has tons of pockets for different things from beauty essentials to your shoes to your laptop and smaller carry-on items without being huge. Yet, I would guess you could totally fit a solid three to four outfits in there depending on where you're headed!

I also recently picked up this bright sweater from Old Navy. I happened to walk in to make a return and it caught my eye - I especially love the open back! Fun fact: I recently wore it on a first date and good news, I got at least two more dates. Here's hoping he might have liked my sweater too :) (Shout out to my gal pal Holly for the suggestion).

I get nervous wearing bright colors like this, but I've been told it's a good color on me... so I think I'll have to keep my eyes pilled for more items in this red/orange shade. Also, these JCrew jeans are my go-to for spring. I love a cropped pant paired with flats!

Shop My Look: Open Back Sweater c/o | Cropped Jeans | Carry On Tote c/o Loafers (on sale for $60!)
Photos: Sarah, The Kissing Booth Blog

Cheers to a new week, friends! If you're in Chicago, enjoy this beautiful weather :)


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  1. You are so darn cute Katie, I love this bright sweater for spring! Old Navy is killing it right now with all the spring arrivals, we just need the weather to stick around! :) Have a good day girlfriend!

    xo, Sarah