Let's Chat Vol. 1

I'm going to come right out with a disclaimer here: I'm not trying to be like every other blogger who does a link round-up on Friday, but I did think it would be fun to catch you up on what's been happening on my end lately! I was seriously so surprised by how many of you read my dating post last week and the amount of thoughtful responses were amazing. What it really tells me is you guys are interested in my life.... am I right? Now, I'm not sure if you're being nosy haha or if these topics really do resonate more than a fashion post. I mean, silly question because let's be honest: real life stuff is so much more interesting then the newest pair of distressed denim. However, don't be fooled. I did do some online shopping recently that you are certainly going to hear about :)

Let's chat, shall we?
  • It was finally time to use my Old Navy cash. I found these amazing lace up heeled sandals and this cozy men's sweatshirt. It seriously feels like butter and I never want to take it off. Would you judge me if I bought this one, too?
  • Valentine's Day. I'm weird and don't like the lovey-dovey holiday. Send me all the flowers, but anything else I'm going to run for the hills. Andddd on that note, what did you guys do for the holiday?
  • Chicago temps are supposed to climb in to the 60s this weekend. I mean, what?! I'm planning to knock out a few blog shoots, but also take a run along the lakefront. There is a great spot off of Diversey that has the most beautiful views of the city. My favorite thing to do is actually grab a donut/coffee from Stan's Donuts and just sit by the lake. With or with out a donut, it's seriously the best de-stresser.
  • If you haven't checked out Kaylee of Pleats & Pearls, you need to do so asap! She and I became long distance friends through my partnerships with Vera Bradley. She's basically also my Bachelor watch buddy and relationship coach aka the person who gets allll my lovely snapchats on a daily basis. Love ya girl!
  • A friend and I were just talking about being Extroverted Introverts. I also just saw this article on MyDomaine about being a romantic introvert. Guys, this is me to a T! From over analyzing everything (literally, everything!) to taking it slow and needing down time alone, I think I've found out how to describe my romantic vibes!
  • This week I booked a flight to LA for what might be the most. exciting. trip. ever. in March. I can't tell you anything else but that... but let's just say I'm freaking out! I can't wait to share more after I go!
  • I also went to an event this week to celebrate the new McDonald's BigMac sizes. I rarely eat fast food, but it was so yummy and super cool to attend an event for such a national brand. I also had a chance to meet Doug McDermott from the Chicago Bulls. How cool is that? Was totally fan girling.
  • Maya's recent post with outfit photos from her trip to Florida has me wishing I was back there. Not to mention my parents are currently in Naples right now. Ugh, take me there! Can I just vacation for the rest of my career?
So, that's what has been going on with me. What are you guys up to?


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