All Laced Up

I'm SO ready for spring! Last weekend, I took a little walk to the North end of Lakeview to enjoy the nice weather. I'm sure you guys have seen this wall before, but it was so cute and on the side of a restaurant there was this cute and colorful mural! It was the perfect compliment to my casual weekend wear, don't you think?

I've been living in these jeans from Old Navy (I mean where else would they be from?). I also recently grabbed this white lace up top from Aerie (c/o) and I really love it. I don't usually go for a top of this style, but it's perfect for spring. I'm itching to switch out my winter gear, but know we are still in for some frigid days. Eep! Until then, it'll just have to come intermittently I guess :)

Anywhooo, I hope every had an amazing weekend! Last Friday was kind of crazy - our office email actually went down in the afternoon causing for a little bit of mayhem on the back end. As publicists we live and breathe off our email! For some reason I became tech support for the day lol Good news - our emails are all back up and running, so we're in for another busy week!

This morning, I decided to sleep in (and by sleep in I'm talking like 8AM) and stay in bed a little longer. I finally learned how to make a delicious cappuccino with my Nespresso, so I made myself a little cup and hopped back in to bed with homemade pancakes :) Aren't Sundays the best?

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Enjoy the week, friends!



  1. Loving this wall with the white top! I'm SOO ready for spring especially with the warm weather teaser we've been getting in Boston!
    xx Tess | Sequins are the New Black

  2. HOW CUTE IS THIS?! Those Old Navy sandals are life!

  3. So cute! That top is adorable. I love the sandals you paired it with. You look like you are ready for summer!

  4. You are so cute Katie, you've already re-started my love with Old Navy! I think I might need these sandals for the summer! And can we please get that warm weather back in Chicago!!? It was so great!!

    xo, Sarah