What I'm Packing for Fort Lauderdale

Guys, I'm heading to a beach.. I repeat, A BEACH. I'm taking a little daddy-daughter trip with my pops down south to the beautiful Fort Lauderdale. While I've taken a few long weekends over the past couple months to fun places like Denver and Lake Geneva, it's been a while since I've been to the beach.

If I learned anything from reviewing my top posts of 2016, it's that you like to see travel themed posts. I'm working to incorporate more like this one that share more tips about travel vs. a photo recap (which I'm still totally going to do). I'm pretty sure I said I was going to do a packing post before every trip, but it finally made it up on the blog for this one haha

If you've visited the area recently, I'd love to hear your suggestions. We will be staying at the beautiful Atlantic Hotel & Spa (c/o) for a few nights. I'm excited to get there, explore the property and find some realllly yummy fish tacos. Ok, and have a margarita or two...or three.

Now, for a few key pieces that I will be bringing:


I've never had an actual bag that is classified as a carry on. I have my trusty old wheely bag and too many larger totes to count, but I had heart eyes as soon as I saw this pattern arrived in the Vera Bradley shop. I was trying my hardest to just use this bag (c/o) for my trip - but I was struggling a bit, cus ya know #shoes. But you bet your bottom dollar this sucker is still coming with me!


This dress is so new, it's not even online yet! I actually had to pop by the store because I was doing an online return and saw this little number calling my name. How cute would it be paired with the espadrilles? Here is a similar version to shop in the meantime.


Every summer, I go back and forth on if I should pick up a pair of espadrilles by this adorable brand. I finally did it! I went for the brown leather wrap style (now on sale for $40!!). I have a feeling it might be a little tough to break in, but regardless - I'm still excited I finally purchased them. Next on my wish list is this pair.


As soon as I knew I was headed to a beach, my first thought was to find a cute off-the-shoulder top. I've been in sweater mode up here in Chicago, so any chance I had to scoured the web for spring attire was welcomed with open arms! Surprisingly, I came across this pom pom top from Forever 21 and can't wait to pair it with my white jeans.


Remember this swim post from over the summer? It's still one of my favorites and goes to show that I'm still wearing that swim suit! I really only have three suits to choose from haha I don't enjoy shopping for swimwear and because I have a little curvier of a shape, once I find a style, I stick with it!


Another new pattern I am absolutely obsessed with from the Vera Bradley spring collection! Someone take me to Cuba stat! I'll be organized as heck upon arrival :) I have a variety of small makeup bags, but no organizer (c/o). I love this and am excited to use it for travel and at home!


My sister gave me this book for Christmas, and I haven't had a chance to read through it yet. From what I know the prayers, scripture and questions that fill the pages are written to accompany us on the journey of brilliant dreams and scary risks, weary struggles and joyful success, inspiring ideas and fears of failure….all in light of how God has created us to be and to do all things well….not perfectly, but {well}.... (details taken directly from their site!)


Real life reveal: You finally get a peek in to my little studio life! As you can tell, the bed is about half of my apartment and the light is few and far between.  I'm typically at work during the sunshine, so my only option to make sure I got this little post up for you guys was a sunrise wake up call :)


  1. Have so much fun Katie!! The suit is so cute!

  2. You have been traveling up a storm lately! Have so much fun and please soak up some sun for me!

    Heidi || Wishes & Reality

  3. Ahhh!! Have so much fun Katie!! I hope you have a great time and get all sunny days!! And please bring back the warm spring weather with you!!

    xo, Sarah

  4. I'm dying over the Pom Pom OTS and those espadrilles! Have the best time in Fort Lauderdale!
    xx Tess | Sequins are the New Black