4 Spas & Salons to Visit in Chicago This Winter

Come January, everyone is ready to slow down and just relax - especially coming off the holidays and any loose ends that come the end of they year. I'm the worst about making sure I treat myself for the occasional facial and massage, but once I do it, I realize how much I need it. I recently went in for a massage c/o Studio Within and came out so sore because my muscles had been knotted up and inflamed. Not cool! Not only do I feel worlds better physically but taking that extra 60 min to do absolutely nothing and letting my mind be still did wonders. My challenge to you is to take some "me" time this month at any of the below spas (or your favorite!), especially if you've been on a new workout plan for 2017. Your body will thank you!

I believe I’ve mentioned this wonderful little retreat about a year ago in this post. I recently took a trip back and am here to say, I’m still in love with it! This salon offers everything from hair cut/color to massages and facials. Currently, if you’re new and visit the salon this month you get 30% off your service! How amazing is that? It’s definitely my go-to during a chilly winter weekend. It’s the only way to really hit reset and prepare for the week ahead.

Location: Lakeview 

Can we talk about how gorgeous this new salon looks? I actually headed there to grab a mani/ pedi (c/o) before heading out of town for my trip to Florida. They even carry luxury polish brands like Yves Saint Laurent, Dior, Christian Louboutin, Givenchey, Burberry and more. Did I also mention you receive complimentary coffee, champagne, wine, natural juices or exotic teas while cozied up in one of their fabulous chairs? I mean… I don’t think it can get much better. They have a variety of specials running for their grand opening including the Champagne Delight Pedicure, Hot Chocolate Escape and Peppermint Land Pedi. Who's ready for a girls day at Re'Luxe?

Location: River North

I love Bliss products, guys. If you are in the Chicago area, visiting this spa is a must. They're located eight floors up in the W Hotel Lakeshore. They offer amazing treatments like the triple oxygen facial or your basic (but totally luxurious) massage, nail and body treatments. Oh, and their relaxation lounge is equipped with brownie bites :)

Location: Streeterville

Have any of you tried Cryotherapy before? A few months ago, I met up with a couple gals to test it out. Yes, it was freezing but also a super cool (literally and figuratively) experience! The concept is to shock the outer layer of your skin with extreme cold temperatures and your body will respond to warm you up revving your metabolism. It was originally created to help treat arthritis, but is now used to target other joints and muscles throughout the body to treat soreness/pain. Don’t fret – they offer other great services too like massages and Cryofacials.

Location: Lincoln Park

Planning to take a trip to the spa soon? Let me know where you go. Don't forget to use the 30% off at Studio Within, too - you can mention you heard about the deal here!


Image via Re'Luxe Spa Salon

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  1. Homegirl needs a little TLC like woah ;) I'm going to have to try our a few of these places - I haven't been to any of them!