How to Throw a Party in 3,2,1...

Any of my pals in Chicago just barely surviving this cold, cold December? To say we got lucky with a mild November is an understatement compared to this weather! I wish I had a better excuse on why I have posted lately, but honestly, I've been pretty busy with my full-time job, friends visiting and just trying to remember to eat these last few weeks, that it's made blogging extra difficult to stay on top of. Not to mention, I think this cold is getting to my brain a bit because I'm having a bit of a creative block.

The good news is, I'm back and throwing a party with a little help from my friends at Paris312. If you're like me and kind of freaking out about the last minute party prep that is going to have to happen in T minus 5 days, then boy am I happy to share your new best friend since sliced bread. This party planning concierge has all your decor supplies in one spot. From the plates to the straws to the cups and balloons, Paris312 has made the whole process that much easier. Read on to find out how to plan your next celebration in a hot minute.

How to Throw a Party in a Hot Minute:

  1. Pick Your Theme: What are we celebrating? Let me guess - a Christmas or NYE party? Bridal shower? Baby shower? Bachelorette party? No, I know.. a Bachelor viewing party (just me?)! Well, whatever the occasion, Paris312 has the perfect party sets to match your theme. For my event, I decided on a little dessert bar. You can't go wrong with a bunch of sweet treats, am I right? Currently, they have three themes to choose from: Coquette, Luxe and Bohemienne. My theme is Luxe.
  2. Grab Your Decor: Now that you've decided on your theme, check your number of expected attendees and head over to the Paris312 site to make your purchase. If you're just in a need of a few items you can order a la carte. If you want the whole shabang, take a look at their party boxes filled to the the brim with the best decor. Right now, if you order a NYE box, you'll receive free shipping too!
  3. Set it Up: So you've ordered the goods, now what? Once they arrive to your door step, the last step is set up. I know, I know, the boxes are so cute you won't want to open them, but I promise what is inside is even prettier. Set up the treats and go #PartyLikeAParisian!

And just like that, you know how to throw a party in 3,2,1.. little to no time!

How cute is my party apron? My wonderful friend Megan started a gorgeous line of aprons, Bon Aprontit for special celebrations just like this. Order today to have them shipped in time for Christmas!

If you live in the Chicago area, Paris312 is also participating in the BossBabe Pop-Up Shop, a style boutique featuring eight female-led businesses from Chicago. The pop-up shop is located at Block 37 (on the first floor, next to Akira) and is open through January 1.

Also, can we take a minute to look at how cute this space (c/o) is? Between all that party planning, you will need a break. Head on over to Breather (use this code for $45 off your reservation), like I did, to take a few minutes to recharge and refresh before the going gets tough. After all, 2017 is your year to kick butt!


This post was sponsored by Paris312. All thoughts, jokes and opinions are my own. 
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  1. Katie, you are so cute!! I love these party decorations, they are so cute and so easy! Have a good Christmas and let's hang out next week!!

    xo, Sarah

  2. ADORE this!! Anything with champagne and cupcakes, you can count me in for! Love how you set this up and thanks for the including Bon Aprontit:)