Friday Five // Vol. 7

It feels like I haven't done a Friday Five post in quite some time! Now, I realize it's right before the holidays, but hopefully you still have a chance to stop by to take a peek at what I'm loving right now. Plus, all of these double as great last minute gifts (hint hint: the La Croix holiday case for sure!) or a little extra something just in time for New Year's Eve!

Also, a quick heads up about what's coming to the blog on a Sunday - my Christmas morning look! If you have been following the blog for some time, you might remember this post from last year and this one from 2014 (#RIPbangs). Can't wait to share something extra awesome with Aerie so soon! Now, read on to check out what's on my mind this week.

  • it Cosmetics Brow Power Pencil: I just tried a few products c/o the amazing team over at It Cosmetics, and I'm obsessed! Currently, my day-to-day routine includes this amazing brow pencil and this lip liner. I've done a fair amount of research on the brand but am excited to keep using their products and see if I personally see results for redness and acne by using some of their other products. Have any of you used the brand before? Would love to hear your takeaways!
  • J.Crew Tech Gloves: I actually just purchased two sets of gloves because my other ones were not cutting it. I'm pretty sure the gloves I was using were a free pair from my grandma... I know - totally not hi-tech! So, because it's wayyy to cold to take my gloves off to use my phone, I decided I had to fix that. I love that these J.Crew gloves because they don't have that silly silver finger tip, it's just the little slit. Genius!
  • La Croix Holiday Case: Did you know La Croix just released their first ever Holiday Variety Pack? My office is addicted to this yummy drink. I really don't drink much soda, but I love the carbonation - La Croix is perfect because it's just sparkling water! Same fizz with out all the calories. Every year, my family does a $25 gift exchange with my cousins. I picked up a food related item for $15 (I can't tell you what it is because I know my sister is reading hehe) and am seriously considering adding this to it. I might just become the favorite cousin after that :) This case is filled with Tangerine, Berry and Cran-Raspberry varieties. So, whether you have a last minute gift to grab or not, this will surely help you through the hectic holidays with ease!
  • H&M Sequin Top: This is the first year I'm actually headed out on the town with friends to celebrate NYE. Usually, we have a fun night in playing games, watching the countdown on TV and enjoying snacks and cocktails. I'm determined to find a chic and sparkly number like this top from H&M to dance the night away. It's cute and isn't too over powering so I know I'll wear it again!
  • Phone Charger: If I've learned one thing over the past few months of traveling, it's that I need an on-the-go phone charger. I don't have one yet, but it's on my list of items to get. Or maybe if I get any fun gift cards this Christmas, I'll already know where to spend it! The options are especially cute!
Merry Christmas everyone!!


This post was sponsored by La Croix All thoughts, jokes and opinions are my own. 
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