Long Weekend in Denver, Colorado

Sorry for the silence around here! I've been busy at work and took some digital down time over Thanksgiving. I was getting a little tired of looking at my phone and computer all day. My career is very email driven, so I don't feel like I'm ever off. It was nice to have the holiday season start up again so that my contacts were also on a break. And, not going to lie- the gift guide mania is slowing making me crazy! I mean, it's not even December yet - help!

But, thank goodness for my long weekend trip to Denver, Colorado two weeks ago- the recap is finally here! I was so excited to get out of the city with Sarah for a trip full of beautiful weather, a gorgeous hotel and lots of hiking - so be warned that there are lots of photos ahead (but pretty ones!!). The main drive for this (somewhat) spontaneous trip was the amazing fare I found on Southwest for a wopping $45... can you believe it? There was no way I was going to pass that up. I mean, any chance I can to head out west I'm totally taking! On to the trip recap, shall we?

Can you tell from this picture that it was actually [almost] winter out there? (trick question) Upon arrival, Sarah and I took the train into Denver's Union Station. Fully decorated with holiday decor, we spent the afternoon grabbing lunch at the Terminal Bar and exploring the lovely building. While it might be easy to just rent a car straight from the airport, I highly suggest using their train system. It just opened this summer and is very easy to navigate.

We couldn't wait to check in to our accommodations, Hotel Teatro, an iconic boutique hotel in downtown Denver. We stayed here through out the trip and rented a car to travel to/from a few near by towns (more on that below!) on day trips. Guys - I'm obsessed with this hotel! Seriously LOVE it. From the cozy lobby to the spacious room, it was perfect for our long weekend getaway. The location couldn't have been more perfect either. It's located in the heart of Denver's music and theatre district and close to all the evening hot spots off of Larimer Street.

Currently, Hotel Teatro is offering a fun "Top of Teatro" package to celebrate their exciting recognition as the "top hotel" in the west and Denver. This includes unlimited top-shelf champagne - need I say more? - and accommodations in the top guest room, The Chancellor Suite. I'm already searching for a time to come back and visit to make use of this little package. Who's with me?

Also, how cool is the mail box in the hotel? 

First day trip on our list was a ride to Breckenridge. I was hoping we'd see a little bit of snow on the ground, but that wasn't the case. They actually had to push back their opening day for the mountain because of the gorgeous weather. While there wasn't any snow - this view wasn't so bad either ;) Before heading out on our little hike, we went in and out of shops downtown and then grabbed the most delicious melt-in-your-mouth donuts at Kava Cafe. I'm making up a new rule that you can't go to Breckenridge with out getting these donuts. DO IT.

After looking around, we took a hike right near the town and found the beautiful lake up top. We couldn't get over this view. Nothing really like it at all in Chicago! We explored a little bit up on the landing area and then headed back down to go on our drive back to Denver.

The next day, we made a trip out to Boulder. I loved it! I don't know if it was the adorable Pearl Street, close proximity to downtown Denver or the hiking spots near by, but it was such a great town. I'm not planning on moving, but if I was - this would totally be a consideration on my list! I bet it would be even more charming during the winter with snow covered mountains. Just another reason to head back :)

We took a look around the shops on Pearl Street and then grabbed a quick lunch before hiking a little trail at the Faltirons. We started a little later in the day, but it was a great hike for us to stay out and about. We even came across some rock climbers which was pretty cool to see. I couldn't image doing anything like that outside of the local gym on the plastic rock wall haha

On our last day, we ventured out to Red Rocks Amphitheater. Let me tell you, the pictures below don't even do it justice! The amazing rock formations and view from the hike were just stunning. I've added a new item to my bucket list - see a concert and Red Rocks. I'm not sure who or when it will be, but I know it's a must do! From what I've heard, the sound is impeccable.

Could this tee from Lucy have been any more perfect for the trip? So comfy and cozy with the perfect message.

Thinking about making a trip out to Denver soon? Let me know! I would be happy to share more suggestions and exciting recommendations for a long weekend. It was such a blast!


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  1. Ahhh!! That was such a fun trip! So much fresh air, beautiful mountains and relaxing! I totally understand why people live in Denver, it's a great place and I hope to go back again soon! :) Thanks for being a great travel partner too!

    xo, Sarah