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BRB: On Vacation

Saturday, November 12, 2016


You might have noticed things are a bit quiet around here. Well, it's because I'm in Denver at the moment! I took a few days off work and headed out West to view the gorgeous sites, hike in Boulder and Breckenridge and do a whole lot of nothing. Since I'm on vacation, I decided not to do much blogging this week either. But, if you're missing all my fun updates (I know I'm a pretty fun gal...) head on over to my Instagram and Snapchat (@katieniemiec) to find out what I've been up to. It's full of gorgeous views - promise!

I know this week has been quite crazy in the US, so being out here has made things much more relaxing. Definitely the perfect spot to do a little reflection and clear the noggin before heading back to reality in Chicago :)

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