3 Tips to Fill In Your Brows

I can still remember the first time my mom tweezed my brows. I was so not having it and whining like a little baby. We were standing on the back patio, and I would ice my eyebrow before she tweezed to help numb them from the pain. How hilarious is that? Now I tweeze these suckers like it's nobodies business! On the other hand, I also remember my mom telling me how I should rarely mess with my brows because they are so thick, "like a model," she said. At that time I was like, yeah right, model who? But boy am I glad I listened to her.

While my brows aren't very shaped naturally or as wonderful as I think they could be, they're definitely ways to spruce them up a bit. If I could wear just concealer, blush, mascara and have killer brows everyday - I would totally do it! Unfortunately, this girl is still battling acne, so I need a little more coverage foundation wise, but I'm determined to keep using these give tips from my friends over at Glowout Salon for how to perfect my brows day-to-day.

Shope my favorite tools and products: 

Before starting, take a minute to identify your brow shape. Grab a pencile and line it up (straight up and down) at the crease of the nose/side of the eye - that's where your brow should start. Then, line it up directly with the pupil of the eye from the crease (pencil will be on an angle) - this is where the brow should peak. Then, move the pencil to the bottom of the nose to the outside if your eye - that's where it should end.

1. Comb, Tweeze & Trim Brows (if necessary): Take a minute and grab your comb. Start by brushing the hairs up, following the arch to get everyting straight and add a little volume. Next, if you notice your hair is above the natural brow line take a minute to trim just a bit. This step might not be needed for everyone, as you want your brows to be fuller.

If you need to tweeze them, try just to target the hairs underneith. By going above or way in to the arch, taking those hairs out will pull your brow down isntead of liftin git up. Take a few steps back from the mirror, too. This will help readjust and ensure you don't go overboard.

2. Line Above & Below: Next, grab your pencil and start to line the brow above and below based on your shape markings. First, I recommend starting at the front end and inner arch. Make sure when finding a pencil in your shade that it matches correctly. You don't want to go too dark because chances are you will be applying more pressure then you think when concentrating.

If there is one thing to remember when lining and filling them in that

"Your eyebrows are sisters, not twins."

3. Blend Up: & Down: In small strokes, take your brush and blend upwards in the brow to fill in and blend the color. This is a little tricky to explain, but do your best to blend the line so it looks more natural and not so harsh. Make the short strokes in the direction of your brow hair. Once you blend up, do the same to the upper line to make it more natural, too.

And just like that, you get a new set of brows! Well, at least it looks like it, right? Another last and final step is to dust your translucent powder over the arches to set the brow pencil. This also helps dull any shine on your forehead and keeps those brows looking great. You can even dust a little higlighter on your check bones to make your eye area pop!

What a difference, right? If you need a little help to get started, definitely take a visit to Glowout if you're in Chicago. These gals are my go to when it comes to hair, nails and manis. Plus, they just moved into a gorgeous new space!

Now, go perfect your brows :)


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