A Day on the Dock

And just like that we are back to Sunday evening. How is time moving this quickly? How is October moving so quickly? It feels like just yesterday I was moving into my new apartment in June, visiting Vera Bradley in early September and now, you're telling me it's time to get my stuff together for Thanksgiving/Christmas? Shoot, girl- Someone bring me Halloween candy and a big 'ol glass of wine to handle all of this! ... but really.

The one great thing about us heading in to the holiday season is the updated wardrobe. While I love the warm weather, I was running out of sundresses and cute clothes to wear. Earlier this week, I posted about 10 items to get from Old Navy right now, and I'm seriously impressed with their holiday collection. Hello velvet jacket! I also recently purchased this amazing wool top coat after seeing it on Jenn of Style Charade. I was immediately hooked, and I can't wait to wear this on endless occasions.

I kept this look pretty simple, especially since the star of the show was the camel jacket. Paired with my all time favorite jeans (they have built in sculpt!), a cozy sweater, amazing suede pumps and the prettiest Vera Bradley leather clutch, it was a great look for a little dinner outing. Is anyone else really loving the wine/deep berry color this fall/winter?

Shop My Look: Wool Coat | Sweater | Jeans | Suede Pumps | Leather Quilted Wristlet

For all my Chicago peeps - let's say a collective prayer for the Cubbies tonight. I'm currently cozied up in my bed (remember I live in a studio, so it's tight quarters, people.), writing this post and watching the game. Here's hoping they get their sh!& together and pull out a W!! Also, I hope everyone had a wonderful Halloween weekend. If you're taking kiddos trick-or-treating or even greeting little goblins, have a safe evening tomorrow!


PS Huge thanks to everyone who read my latest travel post to Lake Geneva! It was one of my most read posts ever and definitely most read with in a 24 hour period- seriously, makes me so happy! I hope this means you guys are pumped for more travel content :)

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