24 Hours in Fort Wayne, Indiana

First off - I totally thought this post was up for you guys by now. Ugh, don't know what has gotten in to me and my posting schedule. Let's dive right in to the good stuff, as you might just be surprised at how many fun things there are to do for a day in good 'ol Fort Wayne, IN. I know several of you had the chance to read about the first part of my road trip with Sarah to visit the Vera Bradley HQ and now I'm excited to bring you even more including all of the stops we made through out the day with our fabulous tour guides Holly and Kaylee.

Of course, our first stop before even leaving Chicago was to our nearest Dunkin' Donuts. Who can last a car ride with out some yummy coffee and donuts... not me! After that, we took to the road in our trusty ZipCar - and I totally mean that! - to head on down to see the gals. Check out all of our fun recommendations for a 24 hour trip to Fort Wayne.

Joseph Decuis Emporium Cafe: This was the perfect little meeting spot for us to catch up with the gals as soon as we got into town. After driving a good three hours, we were hungry! This adorable farm-to-fork cafe had a variety of delicious lunch options. We all went with a signature burger and of course, a big side of sweet potato fries and a lemonade. Behind the cafe, they had a huge wine selection, too. It's a great spot if you're visiting friends and need to pick up a little welcome gift!

Vera Bradley Headquarters: I know I already touched on this part, but Sarah and I had the amazing opportunity to visit the Vera Bradley Headquarters. Weather you stop by their actually offices or just pop in to a local store, I highly suggest involving a little VB into your 24 hour stay!

Fort Wayne Children's Zoo: After taking a full tour of the VB HQ, we headed over to spend the rest of the afternoon at Indian's #1 summer attraction - the children's zoo! As you will see below, there were a lot of really fun hands on experiences through out the zoo. From feeding the giraffes (amazing!) to taking a sky safari ride and a ride along the river, the afternoon was full of mini adventures.

Foellinger Theatre: This outdoor theater is nestled right alongside the children's zoo. While we didn't see a show that evening, Holly told us all about her summer experiences. If you have a chance to catch a music guest, movie night (free on Wednesdays) or a local event at the theatre - it makes for the perfect summer evening.

The Hoppy Gnome: This kitchy restaurant, located in the heart of Fort Wayne, features a "scratch" kitchen which allows the restaurant to cater to its guests. With a main focus on tacos, you can't go wrong with your selection. Holly, Sarah and I stayed here for at least 3 hours. We had the best time catching up on life, sharing silly stories and laughing until our stomachs hurt (... but really).

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Do you think you'll take a visit to Fort Wayne soon?


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  1. That was such a fun trip and Forte Wayne has so much to offer!! I loved getting to explore Forte Wayne with you and Holly!! It's hard to think of my favorite part because it was such a fun day! :)

    xo, Sarah