A Summer Picnic Set Up

How is it already August, you guys? I can't believe it! So many people say summer is ending once August comes around, but we always get crazy heat and still have long hours... so I'm not quite convinced. A few of my best blogger pals and I headed out to Oz Park in Lincoln Park for a little picnic a couple weeks ago. While these pictures looks beautiful, there is a reason we didn't take outfit photos. It was so stinking hot and humid. We basically were eating fresh baked cookies :)

We all chipped in a little bit of something: Sarah covered the picnic decor and cheese platter (#amen), Megan brought her sweet little puppy Rosie and champagne (#holla), Maya brought some crackers and tasty cookies (#praise) and I covered the hummus and loads of water to beat the heat.

FYI:This is your warning that you might cry, smile, laugh and not be able to stop staring at your computer screen because Rosie is the absolute cutest puppy and her mom is the best for sharing the puppy love!

How adorable are Megan and Rosie, am I right?

I have to take a brief minute to hit the pause button, because how lucky am I to have made such great friends through blogging? I recently moved in to a studio apartment, and trust me - I get lonely sometimes. On the flip side, I'm typically gone from 8AM-6PM at work so it doesn't leave a ton of time at home. When I am home, I'm cleaning up, making dinner and getting ready for the next day. Although I'm from the suburbs, I still don't have a ton of friends in the city, so meeting these sweet ladies, through what I thought was just a little hobbie, has been one of the best things! When we can support each other and lift each other up, it makes for an even better experience. So cheers to you ladies for making not just my summer in Chicago, but my studio life not so lonely :)


Thanks, Maya, for being a trooper and taking pictures during our picnic!


  1. This post is SO cute! All of the details are perfect... and that PUP! (Heart eyes!) On a more serious note, I totally know how you feel - when I first moved into a studio by myself, it was a really strange adjustment. Trust me, you'll get used to it! You're already on the right track with scheduling fun picnics with those wonderful ladies :)
    Lauren | http://www.lakeshorelady.com/

  2. I cannot get over how cute that puppy is! Looks like you guys had a blast!