Ireland Part 3: Ashford Castle

On to part 3 of my Ireland adventures! Took me long enough... One of the coolest things we did was taking a visit to the gorgeous Ashford Castle. I've seen it on countless Instagram accounts, but couldn't even image how amazing it would be in person. I said it in my last post, but it's really great to see such open spaces and historic buildings around every corner of the country. And to think that we only made it to 3-4 of the major towns/cities... there is still so much left to explore!

Ashford Castle is a five star hotel set on 350 acres on the shores of Lough Corrib. There are over 80 rooms and countless activities in the hotel and on the grounds. We took a stroll along the gardens and came across tennis courts, falconry school and the equestrian centre. It was seriously beautiful!
While majority of these photos look like it was a beautiful day, we had true Ireland weather that came and went. In the matter of 5 minutes, it would be sunny and bright and then turn into a windy down pour. I was able to sneak in a few photos between the cloudy skies and rain storms. As you might have noticed, my jeans and my leather boots were my everyday uniform. No sense in getting all fancy and styling my hair each morning for a chilly and rainy day!

One of the main points of the visit was to have lunch/tea in The Drawing Room. We had a beautiful view of the Lough Corrib and simply sunk into comfortable chairs accessories with darling blue velvet decor. It was a great spot to take a break and catch up with sweet family who was able to drive us out there.

While driving to and from Ashford Castle, we took a ride through Connemara. One of our requests was to get up close to the many millions of sheep roaming around. Let me tell you - we did just that! Many of the sheep would get loose from their designated area and roam along the street like the fella below. How cool is that?

The other guys below were spotted near our family in Ballinsloe. Most of the time they would run away from us, but this little calf was curious to know who we were. How cute is he? Gotta love the playful farm animals all around Ireland!

Have I convinced you to take a trip to Ireland, yet? If you do, will you take me with you :) It was such a once in a lifetime experience to take with my family. It was especially awesome to meet all of my moms first cousins and extended family. The trip would certainly not be the same without all of the lovely people we met. This is one country you must put on your bucket list!



  1. What an amazing experience Katie! Your pictures capture Ireland exactly as I imagine it. I definitely have to go one day!

    Heidi || Wishes & Reality

    1. You must! It was such a beautiful place. Already wishing I could go back soon!

  2. You've convinced me to go on a trip to Ireland!! :) It looks so beautiful there, so lush and green!! Great photo's Katie!!

    xo, Sarah

    1. Next girl's trip? ;) It was beautiful- I hope to get to explore more abroad!