Friday Five // Vol. 4

Remember that time I said I was going to do this post every Friday? Well, I clearly exceeded expectations on that one (kidding..). I'm glad to finally be back here sharing five things that have been on my mind this week.

  • Pineapple Tumbler: How cute is this? I've seen several of these popping up on my Instagram and social feeds from a variety of restaurants this summer. I recently got one from Uncommon Goods and am actually using it in my bathroom to hold cotton pads. I was looking specifically to add gold accessories to my bathroom - so this tumbler turned cotton holder was perfect! The best part about Uncommon Goods is their commitment to offering creative and exciting merchandise from a variety of artists and small manufacturers. I especially love shopping with businesses who support small businesses.
  • Illinois Lottery at the Taste of Chicago: I had a chance to pop over to the Taste of Chicago earlier this week thanks to the Illinois Lottery. I took my brother along and we went to see Donnie Trumpet, Chance the Rapper and The Roots! I've only ever watched them perform on Jimmy Fallon - so it was especially fun to see them out of the screen and in beautiful Chicago. I think it’s safe to say my brother certainly had a great time – he loves all those guys! It helped that we had amazing seats and were super close to where the artists entered and exited the stage. No matter what kind of celebrity or musician it might be it’s always exciting to watch them arrive to set. You could say #luckiseverywhere :)
  • Benefit Cosmetic's Gimme Brow: I recently received this eyebrow gel as a sample in one of my Birchbox kits. Surprisingly, it's lasting me for a while! I'm not super great with filling in my brows, and I hate when I can tell that people clearly drew them in, so this gel is perfect. I use the darkest brown (03 Medium) and it just adds a little extra color and helps shape/tame the little hairs.
  • The Meatball Shop, NYC: I'm headed out to NYC this afternoon to visit my sister over the weekend and have business meetings next week. I can't see myself ever living in the Big Apple, but every now and then I get a draw to the city, like a thought of "hmm, I feel like I could use a dose of NYC next week.." But then once the planning is done
  • Go for the Gold Olympics Tee: We all know Old Navy is my go-to, but before they came back trendier than ever, I will always remember them as the store with the American Flag/4th of July themed tees. I still remember when our family friends took a big trip with their entire family ever year around the 4th of July - with out doubt they all had matching Old Navy tees. It's only fitting that they have revamped their graphic tees and are carrying super cute ones for the summer Olympics. I especially loved this one, but the simply USA tee is adorable too! These type of tanks are great for working out or wearing with jean shorts.
What does everyone have planned for this weekend? 



  1. I really like the Gimme Brow, too! Also got it in my Birchbox. :)

    1. So far it's worked great! I love that it doesn't look drawn on, but fills them in a bit.

  2. I love your pineapple tumbler, it's so cute!! I've been eyeing one for a while!! The concert sounds like so much fun-- you got lucky with the lottery! ;)

    xo, Sarah

    1. I love it and it's great for cocktails or decoration. hehe I sure did get lucky with the lotto!