Denim Mini

Having a serious case of the Sunday scaries.. do we have to go to work tomorrow? As I mentioned in Friday's post, I'm actually in NYC for business through Wednesday. After several flight delays on Friday, I decided to post pone the flight and head out first thing this AM (Sunday). It's my first work trip, so to say I'm nervous and excited is pretty accurate.

My sister actually lives in NYC so it's always nice to catch up and lean on her for fun places to visit. When I first starting taking trips to the city, we would do any tourist attraction possible. It's nice to finally not worry about that and just hit up some of the local hidden gems. I've also learned about what to and to not wear when walking/running around Manhattan. As much as I'd love to tell you I'm totally slaying it in heels and a sundress.....sadly, that is not (and will probably never be) the reality. haha It's all about comfort and this denim mini was totally in my carry on. What's easier then denim with a white tee while sipping on a coffee? Sounds like the most perfect combination to me!

Also, have you guys tried Left Coast yet? It's right off Lincoln Ave in Lakeview - I'm obsessed! Seriously, love the menu offerings and the staff isn't too bad to look at either (looking at you cutie above ;) ) They are a smidge pricier than your typically spots, but considering the atmosphere and type of food they serve it's totally worth it. I love walking over from my apartment to sit outside with a coffee and enjoy the summer weather on the weekends.

PS Don't be concerned. I'm still sharing photos of my awful sunburn. It's so nice you guys got to see it 3 times in multiple stages. Safe to say, at this point in time I'm MUCH better. No more awful leg pics hehe

Shop My Look: White Tee | Denim Skirt | Green Sandals | Saddle Bag (similar)
Photos: Sarah, The Kissing Booth Blog

Make sure to stay tuned because Wednesday I'm sharing my ultimate summer basic. Want a hint? Check out the LBBGG that launched this spring/summer for peek!



  1. Such an adorable shop! I love those heels.

    Sincerely, Jennie

  2. Such an adorable shop! I love those heels.

    Sincerely, Jennie

    1. Thanks Jennie! You must visit Left Coast if you haven't been yet!