#LBBGG // Girl Next Door: Lindsey Cavanaugh

First time vising the Little Black Blog? This spring, I launched a seasonal guide called the Girlfriend's Guide, dedicated to all things lady like. Read about styling, home decor and beauty tips all in one, plus features on bomb.com women. Oh, have a snapshot moment with your girls to share? Make sure to tag #LBBGG on Instagram and Twitter.

When starting the little guide, I was in search of the ultimate girl next store. I was thinking left, right, up, and down, but little did I realize the perfect woman was standing right in front of me... literally.
Lindsey and I first met a few short weeks ago when she spoke at my office with her business partner, Hillary of Vibe Tribe Creative. We both went to Mizzou (go tigers!) and had a ton of mutual friends. It's funny to think that this was our first in person encounter.

After listening to both ladies speak about their design and branding company, it was such a refreshing feeling to connect with liked minded creative professionals. They had very inspiring stories, and at the same time, are 110% authentic in what they do. Shortly after, I knew I had to work with Lindsey in a more artistic light - that's where the amazing portraits come from scattered through out the guide, my blog and on Instagram.

I'm excited to share even more fun facts about Lindsey through the SS16 issue's "Girl Next Door" feature highlighting 36 quick questions. Think Vogue interview, rapid fire style. From photographing bomb ladies like Catt Sadler (I'm mildly obsessed with this shoot) and Giuliana Rancic and brands like Soho House and Protein Bar, Lindsey is totally, the girl next door.

  1. How is your day going so far?: CRAZY! We had a launch this morning and I’m taking off for London tomorrow. 
  2. Best thing that has happen to you this year: Signing a lease in the mountains 
  3. Cake or pie: Momofuku Milk Bar funfetti cake
  4. Fashion icon: Gigi Hadid
  5. 3 things in your purse you can't live without: I never carry a purse, can you believe it? 
  6. Favorite photographer: Wow, impossible to pick. Mikael Jansson is one of them. I also love the piece Steven Klein photographed for W Magazine of The Pitts in 2005. Annie Leibovitz I’ve admired forever. A recent favorite is Nico Guilis of Find Your California-I really hope to collaborate with her in some way. For old prints, Henri Cartier-Bresson.
  7. Person you'd love to have coffee with: Elizabeth Taylor 
  8. iPhone or android: iPhone
  9. Coffee order: Iced vanilla latte with skim 
  10. Sweet or salty: Salty
  11. Who should everyone be following right now: @findyourcalifornia, @sakaralife
  12. Country you wish to visit: Italy
  13. Favorite season in Chicago: Fall
  14. Most memorable celebrity encounter: Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez
  15. Favorite movie of all time: The Town 
  16. White or red: Red wine. White wardrobe. 
  17. Most used emoji: Blushy face
  18. Favorite Chicago hangout: Bourgeois pig cafe in Lincoln Park! It’s a cafe in an old house with great wifi. The bonus: All of their sandwiches/salads are super fresh and named after famous books. 
  19. Listening to: The Lumineers new album, Cleopatra. (just bought tickets to see them in Boston)
  20. Pet peeve: Chewing with your mouth open
  21. Favorite board game: Sequence 
  22. Choice song to sing in the shower: I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles)
  23. Kittens or puppies: Puppies
  24. Favorite TV show on right now: House of Cards (I’m just now getting started!)
  25. Brunch order: Chorizo sweet potato hash with a sunny egg and avocado
  26. Name one of your daily rituals: Morning coffee (zombie without it) and some online browsing 
  27. Where would you live outside of CO: Malibu
  28. Favorite food: Tacos...or anything with chorizo
  29. Wardrobe staple: Platform sneaks
  30. Last book you read: Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert
  31. Perfect weekend trip out of Boulder: Palm Springs (Dying to go)
  32. Song you would strut your stuff to down the runway: Say My Name - ODESZA (feat. Zyra)
  33. Last hobby you picked up: Researching Old Hollywood, I’m obsessed. 
  34. 5 o'clock somewhere drink of choice: Spicy marg
  35. Proudest moment: Having Giuliana Rancic as our first client. Her trust in our capabilities is what drove us to start a real company two years ago. Believing in others is a very, very powerful thing. 
  36. Best advice you've ever received: You always have control over your attitude, no excuses.

I'd love to hear your thoughts on this type of feature! Lindsey is just a gem to work with. I couldn't recommend anyone more awesome for upcoming photo or design projects.



  1. Such a fun feature and Lindsey sounds like a great girl! Just started to follow her on insta, I love her work! :)

    xo, Sarah

    1. Isn't she awesome? She does amazing work! I'm so glad I could share more about her and her talents with everyone.