Hawaiian Style

Last Wednesday, I posted about my mini "vacation" to Hawaii thanks to an adorable new restaurant in Chicago called Mahalo. Today, I'm sharing what I wore to the tasty retreat. I knew I wanted to wear something a little bit brighter and this coral dress was the perfect option - it was one of my birthday gifts from my fam... they know I love a good Old Navy find :)

From the looks of my recent posts, it seems as thought I'm only buying striped styles! I didn't realize it until I started posting these pictures...Oops! They say horizontal stripes can make you look larger if you don't find the right style, so I'm glad I've been finding a few unique options to help the curves rather then hurt. Adding a jean jacket is just one way to help break up the pattern!

PSA - this is what awful sun poisoning looks like, friends (note: legs). Note to self to never use spray sunscreen when spending a 90 degree day on a speed boat. There was no photoshopping this mess of a sun burn, so you get to see the pain I was feeling instead.

Now, who wants to go to Hawaii with me - I'll bring the sunscreen!


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  1. You look so cute Katie!! I love all the stripe dresses and you always have the best Old Navy finds!!

    xo, Sarah