#LBBGG // What's on My Coffee Table SS16

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From cleaning up on a Saturday afternoon to preparing the house for a dinner with friends or kicking back on the couch to tune into a new episode of The Bachelor, my little coffee table sees a lot of action from day to day. Typically a coffee table is used for serving beverages, propping up your feet and a dropping place for your lost accessories. However, I see it as another focal point in the home. Grab your pretty magazines, bring out the spring floral and fill that cookie jar with lemons (or cookies...) because it's time to decorate.

This spring and summer, I've searched for all the bright and poppy pieces to add to my coffee table. You would be surprised how much a little bit of color can do to really liven up your place! So friends, while you're decorating your home with traditional seasonal decor, I'm over here trying to create the cutest and most organized coffee table you ever did see.

Shop my Spring/Summer coffee table favorites here:

What's on your coffee table?


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  1. Great coffee table decorations! :) I could go for one of those cupcakes right now they look delicious!