Friday Five // Vol. 1

Hey- looks who's back.. and with a new series! After a week of traveling and getting full swing in to work and topping it off with a nasty cold, I just couldn't seem to get a solid post up earlier than today. I promise, there are lots of pretty Ireland photos and travel theme posts coming your way! Now that the weather is looking up, I'm feeling a little burst of energy to get some new content up (and go enjoy the weather outside, of course).

Let's get to it, shall we? This new series, Friday Five, is to share five things that are on my mind this week. Whether it's a new beauty product I'm loving, food I'm craving, new clothes I'm lusting - a little bit of everything! This weeks edit has a bunch of items that were perfect during my Ireland trip.
  • Faux Leather Backpack: Coming in at about $35 - this backpack was perfect for my trip abroad. It fit everything! My wallet, camera, sunglasses, snacks, make up bag and umbrella. Talk about a Marry Poppins bag! haha I highly recommend this one. What really sold me was the zipper and flap - no sneaky people are getting into my backpack!
  • Frank Body Body Cream: Fun fact, or not so fun fact, I actually have pretty bag eczema especially during the spring and fall with the changing weather. Last fall, I attended a media brunch for Frank Body and received a few items to try. I've been especially loving the body cream to help sooth my dry skin. It smells amazing too!
  • Hello Fashion Magazine: I think I found my new favorite magazine! Straight from the UK, this fashion publication reminds me of People StyleWatch.  It's full of the latest celebrities and trend updates. A great read for the flight!
  • Barry's Tea: Coming back from Ireland, the one thing I miss most is the delicious tea! I don't know what it is, but the tea really does taste better over there. I brought a box back with me too! Now, I just need one of the awesome electric kettles.
  • 35mm Lens: While this one isn't the best quality lens you could find, it was totally worth it for what I paid. At $100 this guy was the perfect travel accessory. It's similar to a 50mm lens but  allows for a wider frame to get more pretty scenery in the shot - just what I wanted. If you order through Amazon prime you can get it shipped next day for free!
What's on your mind this week?


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