Getting Fit in Floral

Spring has sprung... or so that's what the calendar says. I've said it before and I will say it again, I'm so ready for spring/summer! I miss the warmer weather, outdoor seating, iced coffee, jean shorts and sundresses. Doesn't that all sound amazing? Maybe I should just take a beach vacation instead :)

Even though all of that sounds wonderful, I'm trying to get this booty back in shape to fit in those jean shorts! I had really great momentum for a while, and then I started feeling crappy, tied and stress from work and the weather and started slacking on the gym front. I'm convinced these longer days and the better weather is going to get me back on my toes. Oh, and cute gym clothes I guess :)

A few weeks ago I headed over to the Soul Cycle x Target class held a Venue SIX10 off Michigan Avenue. It was so much fun! I'm a huge fan of Soul Cycle, so when I heard this collab was doing a pop up in Chicago, I was excited to join. After class, I took a walk over to Target and let me tell you, they have the cutest patterns and colors for spring (as obviously shown below.) You'll definitely want to take your Target "blinders" off next time you stop in because this active wear is worth the purchase!

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Photos: Sarah, The Kissing Booth Blog


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  1. Such a cute workout outfit -- A cute workout outfit is a huge motivation for me to get my butt moving!

    xo, Sarah