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Insta Obsession: Collage Vintage

Thursday, February 25, 2016
Guys, it's almost Friday. Can I get a big 'ol wine glass cheers to that? This week has been weirdly long, so I'm ready for the weekend to kick back and try and get a head on some blog posts (I say that now, but we know how that goes...).

As I mentioned earlier, I recently did a shoot with that amazing Lindsey of Eat Pray Photo. During our little coffee break, she showed me Collage Vintage, a style and travel blogger, on Instagram, who I was immediately drawn to. Since then, I haven't been able to stop scrolling her feed (PS Lindsey, I totally owe you a coffee for this one!) Her aesthetic and vibe is so on point and such a fun way to browse through her exotic travels.

I've been making a few subtle changes around my blog and really think she will be a great inspiration for putting these changes into full effect in the coming weeks. I know, I know.. I keep talking about these changes, but I'm waiting to write a full on blog post with all my thoughts on one page. Right now it's that feeling of trying to say 20 different things at one time and nothing is coming out clearly haha However, when you have a chance, I definitely suggest heading over to Sara's Instagram page to check it all out!

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1 comment on "Insta Obsession: Collage Vintage"
  1. I don't follow Collage Vintage but every once and a while I'll look up her page and scroll for a long time! I love her viewpoint and great style! Can't wait to see all the changes!

    xo, Sarah