What to Order at a Coffee Shop

It's Monday which means, you're headed to get your coffee this morning. Good thing your girl Kate here is giving you all the tips and tricks on how make your coffee order a little healthier this morning. While I'm definitely not the first person who should be speaking about ordering a healthy drink, I have made an effort to get myself on the right track by starting with little daily things such as my coffee order to get myself there. Remember when I said I was going to give up coffee for 30 days... well looks like I lied because we are 24 days in and I've had coffee way too many times during the past 24 days.

As I mentioned previously, I recently signed up for a fitness club. One of the perks of joining was having the opportunity to meet with a trainer a few times. We talked about my fitness goals and how I can create an overall healthier lifestyle. So, now I'm sharing three tips with all my coffee loving friends on how to make your coffee a little bit healthier this morning.

1. Stick with the Basics: While it might be tasty and defiantly fun to order your venti double mocha latte with extra this, that and the other thing...forget about it. Don't they say simpler is better? Instead of getting hooked on the crazy drink combos, try limiting your coffee order to just espresso, regular drip coffee, an Americano or unsweetened tea. Then, add the sweetener or milk on the side. Little by little, trying going from a size large to a size small and making it even more simple. Whatever you do - stay away from the blended drinks!

2. Customize Your Milk: If you really can't go with the regular coffee or espresso at the very least make your coffee with skim, non fat or almond milk or soy. Then, work on changing the sweeteners. You don't realize how much of a calorie difference your whole milk vs. non fat milk can really make.

3. Skip the Sugar Free: So you've dialed down on the size, changed over to skim or soy milk... now it's time to work on the sugar intake. You don't realize how much sweetener the baristas will put in a regular order. Tell them to do one pump or half the normal sweetener to start. But, if you're going to get a drip coffee or espresso and need a little sweetener, go with the real thing. Don't do the fake, sugar free stuff. Stick with one pump of the realness.

Ultimately, if you're ready to dial down your coffee order and start making it a little healthier, here are top three combos to try:
1. Drip coffee with soy or skim milk and one pump of sweater (vanilla and peppermint are my favs!)
2. Iced 2-3 shots of espresso with soy or almond milk
3. Almond milk or soy latte

Let me know what your go to coffee order is and how you plan to make it a little healthier this morning! Cheers to Monday... and a lot of coffee :)



  1. It helps me a lot to have a better cup of coffee myself. Thanks a lot.

  2. I just made some to try. OMG I am hooked!