Valentine's Day Gift Guide for Your Galentine

Can you believe we are already talking about Valentine's Day gifts? It's seems like just yesterday everyone on the Internet was begging me to browse through their massive holiday gift guides. To be totally honest, I was gift guided out after that! Several bloggers had adorable ideas, but it got to be a little much and I missed seeing actual content.

On the other hand, since my gift guides were lacking during the holidays, I decided I would definitely do a Valentine's Day gift guide, but just for your galentine. Maybe you'll spot something you can gift for another occasion too! I love sending friends good 'ol fashion snail mail and having little holidays like this pop up makes for putting together the best surprise and delight packages, especially for friends who live out of state. Plus, being single gives me an excuse to gift myself a little something and make a gift guide just for our gals!


PS I would not be mad if any of these just happen to end up on my doorstep... especially that bachelor tee hehe

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