My Winter Essentials

Image via A Southern Drawl
I'm slowing facing the reality that this cold is not going away anytime soon. In the meantime, I'm working on keeping myself busy indoors so I don't have to face the wind. Thanks to a gift exchange with cousins over the holidays, I receives this awesome coloring book. Who knew coloring would come back in style as a form of stress release? Someone bring the wine, I'll turn on the Gilmore Girls and let's color together!

I've also been telling myself I'm going to try my best to do the whole 30 days with out caffeine...I'm working on it guys! To keep warm and cozy without coffee, I'm shooting for hot chocolate and lots of marshmallows. Aside from that I've picked up a cozy turtleneck and put my Sorel boots on anytime I need to leave the cozy indoors. 

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Also, this Fromm Beauty hair dryer has been my savor this season. During the winter, blow drying my hair post shower is a must - it's too stinking cold to walk around with wet hair. Since my freshman year of college, I had a handy dandy (and foldable) Conair hair dryer... but thanks for Fromm I had no idea what I was missing out on! It's truly worth it to spend on a nice styling tools - if you're in the market, definitely grab this dryer and round brush from Fromm Beauty.

What are your favorite essentials for a cold and relaxing Chicago afternoon?


This post was created in partnership with Fromm Beauty. As always, all opinions are my own.


  1. Seriously already over Winter haha. I think we got spoiled with the nice winter weather a couple of weeks ago. These are perfect winter essentials!

  2. Perfect winter essentials! I love the adult coloring book -- I bet that would be a lot of fun! :)

    xo, Sarah