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Insta Obsession: Monica Beatrice of The Elgin Avenue

Monday, January 4, 2016
EDIT: First, it's Bachelor Monday and I'm all about it "raining Ben." If you truly know me, you know that clearly Ben and I are meant to be. A girl can dream, right? BRING ON THE BEN H. *end of edit*

First, you must know that I wrote this cute little post and then it was deleted.... let's hope my 2016 is not off to this kind of start. I'm going to need a lot of help from the fans on the bleachers if that's the case!

Alrighty, so.. back at it I go! After having a whole 12 days off (12 days!!), it's my first day back at work. You bet I am going to need a lot of coffee to get me through the week. It was a great couple of days off and it was even more wonderful to spend so much time with my immediate and extended family. One of the best memories was playing the game Heads Up! with my cousins - hilarious! If you follow me on Snapchat (@katieniemiec), you may have seen a few funny snippets.

Speaking of coffee, it's always a fun find when I see another Instagrammer/blogger sharing the cutest coffee shop posts - especially when in London! This month, I'm sharing Monica Beatrice from The Elgin Avenue, a life and style blog based out of London, as my Insta Obsession. Her feed is filled with bright whites, florals and coffee for all occasions.

Always love finding an Instagram account with the cutest coffee finds... and can we talk about her pom pom hat?

Bright florals are the perfect Instagram pick me up!
Quick! Someone get me a donut, pair of silver tennies and a flight to London!
Who are you favorite Instagrammers? Share below!

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