Navy Blue Suede

You know how you just have those weeks that just stress you to the max? Well, that's kind of how my last week went. Between the crazy amount of coffee, little sleep (damn burglars) and being out of the office 50% of the could say I had a stressful week. Let's have three cheers for Thanksgiving week = pumpkin pie and family time!

While you might not have seen many updates around the blog last week, I know you saw the snow this weekend in Chicago! Yes, winter has officially struck this lovely city. But, due to our previous amazing weather we had leading up to the dreaded s-n-o-w, I was able to take some fall fashion photos to share with you. This weekends outfit is all about one of my new favorites, a navy blue suede skirt and these adorable lace up flats. Both from Old Navy! #holla

Yes, it might be too cold to wear this right now, but add on a cute pair of tights/leggings and swap the flats out for riding boots (or these adorable loafers), wear a cable knit sweater with a turtle neck and you're good to go! Oh, don't forget your down coat too :) 

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  1. Can we please go shopping together at Old Navy?!? I love this outfit and I feel like that skirt and those shoes should both come home with me!!

    xo, Sarah