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Monday Motivation - August, All the Coffee

Monday, August 10, 2015

Today's vibes are all about the coffee. Students are headed back to school this month, we are on the verge of heading in to a new season filled with Pumpkin Spice Lattes (btw, I actually don't like PSLs but I do love a tasty pumpkin scone from Starbucks), I'm headed to work on a crowded L train and like most mornings, these changes require coffee on coffee...on coffee.

My latest Instagram obsession is #coffeetoptabletop. Once you've finished reading this Monday motivation post, make sure to browse that hashtag for a solid amount of time. If that's not an inspirational feed perfect for a Monday morning.. I don't know what else is! I've taken to that feed and found my favorite Instas for you to dream about this afternoon on your lunch break.

WARNING: You may actually want to grab coffee on your lunch break and stage a cute Instagram pic (and if you do - tag me @katieniemiec so I can see more inspo!)

All these photos were taken from the #coffeetoptabletop Instagram feed unless otherwise noted.

Photo by the wonderful blogger, Liz Adams.

What's your favorite place to grab coffee and what do you order? 
I love an iced latte from Little Goat in the summer and I'm still trying to find my favorite mocha for the winter!


PS Happy Bachelor in Paradise Monday/Day 2!
3 comments on "Monday Motivation - August, All the Coffee"
  1. Love all these shots! I can't wait for pumpkin season:)

  2. My friend Rachel started #coffeeshoptabletop! It's one of my favorite hashtags!

    Sed Bona

  3. Coffee is my favorite and i have invent new recipe of coffee making. Thanks