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Happy National Iced Tea Day!

Wednesday, June 10, 2015
Happy National Iced Tea Day! 
To celebrate this fun holiday, I've teamed up with Teavana to bring you the tastiest way to make iced tea this summer in 5 simple steps.  When it's hot out, I'm not much of a fan of alcohol, so iced tea and sparkling LaCroix are my go-tos during the summer months. This little Perfecta Tea Maker is the most amazing tea gadget to live on this planet (seriously). You better believe I'll be using this baby a lot in the next few months! Read on to see how to make your own perfect iced tea:

1. Grab your Perfecta Tea Maker and loose tea of choice. I used the raspberry limeade from Teavana because it's one of my all time favorites. But you can also do a simple black or green tea depending on what you like best.
2. Scoop 12 teaspoons of your loose tea into the maker. Then, head on over to your stove and start boiling your water until it's at about 200 degrees.
3. Once hot, pour your water over the loose tea leaving about an inch and a half at the top to allow for steeping. Let it steep for about 10-12 minutes to ensure you get the best flavor.
4. Position your mug or glass under the Perfecta Tea Maker. Set maker on top of mug (the pushing up of the bottom will allow the liquid to pour through) and pour over ice. Add sugar to your liking.
5. Add a cute straw, sit back, relax and watch the air planes go by! Nothing like a refreshing tea to make for the perfect evening. Enjoy!

See you back here Friday for an all new outfit post!


Thank you Teavana for providing the Art of Ice Tea Collection Kit. Please note, all thoughts and opinions in this post are truly my own in this post.
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