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Beauty Breakdown: MAKE Colour

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Between all the bright colors and weightless makeup, MAKE/Wee See Beauty is the perfect beauty brand to take us in to summer. MAKE has a simply, yet powerful story: "We See Beauty is a for-benefit marketplace of ideas, stories and products that support the cooperative movement. A movement that believes that through shared ownership we can establish a more equitable and beautiful society for all. We believe in starting local with the hope that these ideas spread globally. By selling beautiful ideas and products, including MAKE - the first for-benefit brand of We See Beauty - we can empower local economies and strengthen communities, starting with our own in New York."

With their creative packaging and inspiring movement and messaging, you can bet they are definitely a beauty brand making a name for themselves. It can be hard to stand out among the crowd, but I love what MAKE is doing to go beyond the everyday norm. Have you used MAKE yet? I'd love for you to read on and see some of my favorite products from them. Plus, they are just so darn pretty to photograph too, right?!

Satin Finish Eyeshadow (Santa Fe & Dorset) | Eye Makeup Remover | Gel Moisturizer
Eye Primer | Matte Finish Blush (Tutu)
Beauty Bag | Silk Cream Lipstick (Maraschino Cherry) | Bronzer

What are your favorite beauty brands? Would love to hear!

4 comments on "Beauty Breakdown: MAKE Colour"
  1. I tend to go on the more mineral base but you make this makeup look amazing!

    xo, Jessica || The Petite Diaries

    1. I agree, but I do love their bright hues and pretty packaging!

  2. I've been seeing more and more of MAKE lately but had no idea about their story or the values behind the brand. Absolutely LOVE a chic find that gives back - thanks for the heads up Katie!


    1. Same - that's why I had to do some exploring of my own. It's such a great brand and really awesome beauty options which makes it even better!