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Sunday, March 22, 2015

Hello, Monday - thanks but no thanks for the snow and rain.

.....Despite the rain, I have exciting news to share today. Guess who's been featured on The Everygirl this morning? ME! If you're not familiar with TEG, it is a web site inspiring woman to experience her better life better lived. Whether this is through fashion and beauty, travel, wellness or career, this site is a great foundation for inspiring her to be her brightest self. So, you can image how happy I am to finally share the beauty story I was a part of highlighting spring 2015 hair trends. It was such a great group of models and bloggers to work with. My favorite part is the before and after photos - talk about what a little trim can do!

To view the amazing before and after shots and read what's on deck for spring trends, click over to the full story on The Everygirl now!

Don't forget to leave your comments below letting me know what you think of my mini makeover moment.

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