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Monday Motivation - January

Monday, January 19, 2015

Happy MLK Day! I haven't done a Monday Motivation post in a few weeks and thought this week would be perfect. I recently saw this awesome quote by Amy Poehler and knew it had to kick things off. (I sense a print coming to my Etsy shop realllll soon!)

It's funny how the littlest things can inspire us and give us opportunities before we even realize it. It might be before we are ready, but its all about testing our strength, trust, interests and passions and seeing what happens. I've seen amazing bloggers, entrepreneurs and friends prepare for some hopefully big moments, yet it's the spark of an idea or smaller moment that pushes their limit and allows then to just go for it no matter the timing. So this week, I challenge you to just say yes and take the leap, and take your scheduled plans out of order.

Lots of fun things up my sleeve. Now hopefully I can keep up the momentum!
Forget the matches - give me the packaging!
I always love including this quote. If you like this version, I'd love for you
to visit my print shop on Etsy!

Isn't she just the best? Always love a little inspo from Reese.
Can we hang out white Christmas lights all year round?
If it's written in gold foil, you should probably do it.
#preach Ashely Greene.

What are you favorite quotes or motivations? I'd love to add them to my next post!


PS If you actually read all the way to the bottom - I'd love some positive vibes as I have an interview this week. I don't normally share these type of things, but I'm excited about it and it would be just wonderful if it worked out!

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