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A Year of Outfits In Review

Can you believe we are in the final count down to 2015? Someone please fill me in on where all that time went! In the meantime, I'm recapping some of my favorite looks from 2014. It's hard to believe I only starting doing outfits posts in April and regularly posted them this Fall. I've made such an improvement from purchasing a pretty camera and lens to trying out new spaces to photograph in to having experienced photo friends take pictures. I'm even more excited to see how much the images and outfits develop and grow in 2015. Can't wait for you to see them too!

That one time InStyle Magazine featured me for my leather pants.
A perfect fit for a Little Black Blog-iday.
An Aerie inspired Christmas morning.
The perfect fall overall.

A Go Blog Social recap
Emerald and polka dotted pretties

Because would it be 2014 with out a tartan scarf?
Plaid, Pearls and Hanes tights.
What are YOU wearing?

Happy Graduation to me!

Who else is excited for 2015?! I know there will be a lot of changes for me this year - but that's the best part, right? Starting with a clean slate?


6 comments on "A Year of Outfits In Review"
  1. I looooooove all these pix! But the bangs are supreme! Happy New Year doll! xx

    1. Thanks Jennie! Happy (belated) New Years to you! And hope to see you soon for coffee or lunch xx

  2. So adorable!! Here's to more cuteness in 2015!!
    Lauren at

    1. Thanks Lauren! Your review was just as adorable! Can't wait to follow your journey in 2015, too! xx

  3. A year of incredible style! So happy to have found your blog:)

    Heidi D.

    1. Aw thanks Heidi :) Your encouragement is simply the best! xx