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Monday, August 25, 2014
It's Monday and I'm already feeling the heat - literally. Who knew Chicago would be getting 100+ degree days after we complained of a cold burst just a few weeks ago? This weekend was a pretty full one for me, including yoga, 1st birthday celebrations, a Chicago marathon fundraiser, and a movie and Chinese food night. Here are a few quotes and inspirational pictures to get you motived this week - even if its motivation for a weekend full of Labor Day sale shopping :)

The * should actually say presents and cake a guarantee... I'd for sure get up for that!

Don't lose your identity, y'all. A classic "you do you" moment.

Grapefruit is one of my summer favorites. Grab a fork and sit by the pool with this delicious treat!

Guys... I think I'm getting bangs this fall. Thoughts?

Another favorite - macaroons! MMM!

I'm doing some traveling soon. This a great inspirational look for my flight.

Iced offee is the ultimate win when it is 100+ degrees outside.

Love some good 'ol snail mail. This is a fabulous inspirational envelope to get my creative juices flowing!

What is one of your weekly motivations?


PS Seriously... thoughts on the bangs?!
3 comments on "MONDAY MOTIVATION - August"
  1. JOIN THE BANGS CLUB! But really though, they would look gorgeous on you! xx

    1. Thanks girl, I'm seriously considering it! The question is just when will I have to guts to just do it?!

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