Upon arrival I was given an awesome Land's End beach tote, two new summer reads thanks
to Random House Inc, and many coupons for use at Land's End!
Recently, I attended the Land’s End #GetawayTour in Chicago at Old Orcahrd Mall to meet with Kendall Farr, official Glamour Glambassador, and Michele Casper, PR Director at Land's End. I learned so many great tips and tricks on how to dress my body type for the perfect swimsuit. And today is your lucky day, because I am going to share some of those with you! 

[Ignore the silly face] This is a snapped picture of Kendall and I chatting about all the latest trends. She really knows
her stuff and is super friendly to talk to which made it that much more wonderful.
But first, let’s talk this seasons trends that Kendall walked me through:

Bohemian: This includes everything from tie waist details, to halter necks, and paisley prints. Pair your suit with a great embroidered tunic and some espadrilles and you're ready for lunch. Don't forget a great sun hat too!

Old Hollywood: a.k.a the Katy Perry look – which I LOVE (mostly because I love KP).  This is the high waist swimsuit bottom we keep seeing pop up. I tried this look for the first time and really did like it. It took me a minute to get used to because of the pattern, but I think it would be great in a solid color and pattern top like polka dots. I definitely suggest at least trying it on. Put on a pair of oversized sunglasses, and someone at the pool might just mistake you for an old Hollywood celeb!

Architectural: I was just as confused as you were when I heard, architectural. This trend refers to asymmetrical details like a one shoulder suit, silhouette, and clean lines. If you are more into a simplistic swim look, this one's for you. Pair it with a metallic sandal and you're set!

Sporty: This is another favorite from the Land's End event because this trend includes their swim tee, a looser fit rash guard - which I also loved! This trend includes everything from color blocking, to bright neons and athletic cuts like a boy short. The swim tee is super light weight, has UPF 50 built in and comes in 16 different patterns/styles. This is especially awesome in case you forget your sunscreen or to slip on if you feel like you're burning. This way, you have light weight coverage and can still get wet.

Here it is y'all. The swim tee! No worries, I felt it to be absolutely sure it was light weight.. it was :)
A close up look at the swim tee.
On to the custom swim fitting!
Seriously, she was THE nicest. So glad she could help! PS thats the Old Hollywood bottom, eek!
After having my measurements taken, I was able to get a custom swim fit with the swim experts at the event. She was the nicest woman I could of asked for to help me out, especially with an event that can surely make you feel self conscious. Here are a few things I learned while getting fit:
  1. If you’re like me and the other 70% of women (You better believe I was happy to hear Kendall throw that statistic out!), we are wider at the hips. There are little tricks to help distract away from our widest part and balance the look out. Instead of going for a pattern bottom, try a solid bottom with a pattern top. This will draw the eye to the pop of color or fun pattern at the top instead of your hips (and vice versa).
  2. Another tip for those of us with wider hips is to go for a high cut leg opening or even something like a decorative ring on each side. Don’t do a boy short which can cut you off at a specific point and make you look smaller and chunkier. Elongate those legs!
  3. If you tend to have smaller shoulders, wearing a bando top will help broaden your chest line, but add straps so it doesn’t just cut you off on top and instead adds angles for the eye to follow.
A peek at the cute decorations in their pop up shop.
A view of the whole tour bus including the fun deck on top fill with magazines and lounge chairs!
I hope you learned as much as I did about swim fit from the #GetawayTour! I know I feel much more confidant looking at swim suits now. However, even though I told you these amazing tips - what is most important is that you feel comfortable. So you if love a bright neon suit, boy shorts or maybe a crazy pattern, then you should wear it! It's all about being you and feeling your best no matter how you are dressed.


Stay tuned for a post on what I wore to the #GetawayTour!

All images via Land's End. Thank you, Land’s End, for sending these great pictures my way!

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  1. Wonderful Post! Swim suits are the one item I dread shopping for. What great and useful information. Thanks so much:)